News by Numbers - December 10th, 2017

By Nick Vigdahl 11 Dec 2017 1

Welcome to this week's edition of News by Numbers, where we highlight some of the can't-miss mobile gaming news each and every week.


Hearthstone: .5 to 7 times

In its latest patch, Hearthstone has adjusted the Arena appearance rates to improve class balance (read: get you to play classes you don't really want to play at present). Basic/classic neutrals will appear about half as much, while the most-recent set class spell or weapon will go up to seven times more likely. Here are all the appearance rate changes:

  • Basic/classic neutral minion: .5x
  • Most recent set neutral minion: 2x
  • Basic class minion: 2x
  • Basic class spell: 3.5x
  • Non-basic/classic class minion: 2x
  • Non-basic/classic class spell/weapon: 3.5x
  • Most recent set class minion: 4x
  • Most recent set class spell/weapon: 7x

Darkest Dungeon: 3 DLC

This great and very Lovecraftian roguelike hit iPad back in August, and aside from a few annoyances, it's a great port. Red Hook, the makers of the game, revealed that ports of the Crimson Court and Shieldbreaker expansions are underway and looking good. Not only that, but a new expansion, The Color of Madness, is in the works and will bring a new quest type, a new enemy faction, and even more trinkets into the game. Undoubtedly the expansion will eventually make it to iPad as well.

Race for the Galaxy: 4 new worlds

Race for the Galaxy (review) sets budding space overlords against each other to build the biggest, baddest, galactic empire. You compete over resources and of course the all-important victory point. It's a very fun game, and one of the better board game ports in a year full of great options. Now, Race for the Galaxy has an expansion on the  way. The Brink of War expansion is coming December 14th and will add four new worlds on which to start, five new objectives to achieve, and thirty-six new settlements to fight over. We recently published a guide on how to play the game if you're interested in brushing up your skills.

Bridge Constructor Portal: December 20th

Portal was a fun and challenging action-puzzle game that featured compelling gameplay, a heaping helping of humor, and not an ounce of cake. It was made by Valve who you may know from the Half-Life series and, you know, Steam. Valve has a new game coming for basically all of the platforms, including mobile, that is a cross between Portal and the physics-based construction genre called Bridge Constructor Portal. It features the same Aperture Laboratories robots and humor and looks really fun. It'll be out on December 20th and we'll certainly let you know what we think!

Bad North: 2018

I've had my eye on the very promising Viking-raid inspired game Bad North since I saw the first GIFs on Twitter. A single-player, real-time strategy game, it appears to be a cross between tower defense and Total War. You'll have to defend your kingdom by repelling wave after wave of invaders and will loot and experience to level up your war band as you go. It's aiming at a 2018 release on PC, consoles, and mobile devices and the game's developers recently announced a new partnership with publisher Raw Fury to help make it happen.


That's all for this week's news update - enjoy the rest of your week!



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