News By Numbers - January 16th, 2017

By Nick Vigdahl 16 Jan 2017 6

Welcome to this week's edition of News by Numbers, where we highlight some of the can't-miss mobile gaming news that's happened over the last seven days. 

Don't Starve Pocket Edition: version 1.09

Don't Starve: Pocket Edition just got a new update. Version 1.09 adds the virtual stick option that appeared in Don't Starve: Shipwrecked, which was released late last year. So if you prefer a pretend joystick and buttons on your device optimized for touch, you're in luck! You can try not to starve on iOS and Android.

Dont Starve Image

Baseball Highlights 2045: $1.99

Normally $6, Baseball Highlights 2045—a boardgame gone digital about a year ago—is on sale for $2 on both iOS and Android. If you read Dave's four-star review back then but decided to wait for the right time to buy…that time has come. Gameplay combines elements of playing both manager and GM as you build your team and take them into quick games against other teams.

Baseball Highlights 2045

Card City Nights: 2

Ludosity announced a sequel to Card City Nights [Android], the appropriately named Card City Nights 2. I just covered the original game in my look at games similar to Magic: The Gathering. It features deck design and CCG-style duels wrapped in an RPG type of adventure. The sequel is apparently adding online multiplayer to the mix and Ludosity is looking for beta testers.


Smite Rivals: 3 lanes

SMITE, the mythologically based MOBA game popular on Windows and gaming consoles is coming to mobile…sort of. The mobile adaptation is a three-lane CCG that looks to be targeting Clash Royale. SMITE Rivals will have players collecting cards, building decks, and attacking each other in a manner reminiscent of Supercell's 2016 behemoth. The game is currently in beta with no word on release date or exactly how pay-to-win it will be.


Rome Total War Barbarian Invasion: $4.99

Feral Interactive brought Rome: Total War to the iPad back in November 2016. We at Pocket Tactics approved mightily. I gave the game four stars in my review and Rome won our Strategy Game-of-the-Year award for 2016. Feral Interactive isn't stopping now, however, Barbarian Invasion—a standalone expansion for Rome: Total War—is in development and will be released for the iPad this March. It will feature the same world-conquering strategy mixed with real-time tactical battles that the Total War series is known for.

If it's going to be the same as the original release, the time-frame will shift forward slightly to after the Roman Empire split into East and West. Barbarian Invasion was released in 2005, and is now being painstakingly ported to iOS and optimized for the iPad. You won't need to own Rome: Total War to buy and play Barbarian Invasion if, for some reason, you only wanted one Rome-based experience in your collection.


Sunless Sea: iOS 8 or better

Sunless Sea is a sailing RPG of Lovecraftian proportions based in the Victorian gothic world of the game Fallen London. The tagline for this one gives you a pretty good idea of the mood of the game: "Lose your mind. Eat your crew. Die." So there will be monsters…and cannibalism. This is to be a full-featured port to iPad from the PC game that is rated "very positive" on Steam. These seas aren't fit for just any device, you'll need an iPad Pro, Air, Air 2 or higher and iOS 8+ to dive in.

buoywallpaper1 1024x576

iPhone: 10 years old

So the iPhone is ten years old. I still remember the months of hype and speculation. I remember the keynote itself when Jobs unveiled it. I remember the reaction to the name, "are they really going to call it an 'iPhone'?" I remember the uproar about a $500 phone…which of course sounds downright cheap now. Of course, we've come a long way since then (just look at that thing). Happy birthday iPhone.


Binding of Isaac Rebirth: $15

It took a while, but Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is finally out now. It costs $15, which is fairly steep for a mobile game, but it is an iOS universal app with iCloud saves, and based on developer comments in Touch Arcade's forum post there will eventually be an Apple TV version as well. So if that does anything for you…huzzah!

Samsung Galaxy Note 7: 96% returned

Speaking of smartphones…the oft exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been almost completely recalled, 96% have been returned. Samsung made mention of this fact with an announcement that the FAA will stop requiring airlines to notify passengers that carrying one onboard could, you know, light the plane on fire or something. The Note 7 debacle was quite the beating for Samsung, who's third-quarter profits dropped 96% as a result. It's really a shame…it seemed like a promising device at first.

Magic: The Gathering Puzzle Quest: 1,500,000 downloads

It's been just over a year since Magic: The Gathering launched their Puzzle Quest themed game. Now there are around one-thousand cards from six different sets available in the game. The game has had over 1.5 million downloads and it's day-one retention is 40%, which is pretty impressive. Check out this interview with a senior director at one of the companies making the game for more info. Check out this Pocket Tactics 4-start review for Tanner's take on the game.

Puzzle Quest

That's it for this week's edition of News by Numbers. If you've got a news item worth sharing send it our way on Twitter to @MrVigabool and it may show up in a future edition. 



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