News by Numbers - January 8th, 2017

By Nick Vigdahl 08 Jan 2018 2

Welcome to this week's edition of News by Numbers, where we highlight some of the can't-miss mobile gaming news each and every week.


7 Wonders: version 1.1

The year 2017 finally brought us a 7 Wonders version for our tablets. Version 1.1, recently released to the App Store, makes it a universal app so now you can have a go on your iPhone as well. The new version also enhanced the user interface and did some bug squashing.

Kingdom New Lands: version 1.3.0

Kingdom New Lands — the side-scrolling strategy game that is mashes up tower-defense game, RTS, simulation, and puzzle mechanics — has some new content to overcome. Yes, overcome, for now you must explore Skull Island which is described by the game's makers as "the greatest challenge never-before-seen in Kingdom that will put your every skill to the test." Are you up for it?

Legends of Callasia: new 4-player map

2016 conquer-the-world strategic hit Legends of Callasia keeps adding new maps on which to play. Blackclaw Gulf supports four players and features some nice choke points to exploit. If you enjoy solo or multiplayer 4x games and haven't checked out Legends of Callasia, you ought to remedy that.

Blackclaw Gulf

The Escapists: 12th prison

Another month, another new prison from which to escape. Prison simulator The Escapists has added yet another new and free prison, "London Tower." Yes, you must escape from the notorious prison that once held formerly powerful nobility, royalty, and clergy who crossed the wrong person. The Escapists is great fun and I suggest you read this fantastic and spot-on 4-star review for more.

Battleheart 2: 12 to 16 heroes

One of our games to watch for in 2018 is Battleheart 2, the sequel to the old-school and still great real-time battler Battleheart. Mika Mobile confirmed it's still on the way in their Fall update, which you can find here. They have a fully playable game at this point and are looking to tune it up and get it ready for the masses. One of the coolest features we'll see in the sequel is cooperative multiplayer, which should be a lot of fun.

Mini Metro: 20 maps

Speaking of great 2016 games and new maps, metro-system builder Mini Metro has added another map as well. You can  now play on the island city-state of Singapore. It's a fun one to be sure, though that can be said of all of the game's maps!

Lost Portal: 280 cards

Premium CCG Lost Portal also continues to release new content. Its latest update added four new cards, which brings the total to 280 when including the Aerahym expansion. The latest cards are rares and available for all players.




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