News by Numbers - July 24th, 2017

By Nick Vigdahl 24 Jul 2017 1

Welcome to this week's edition of News by Numbers, where we highlight some of the can't-miss mobile gaming news each and every week.


Hades' Star: 0 more days to wait

The space-faring 4X-style MMO Hades' Star launches worldwide today. This one is on our 2017 guide and I wrote about the alpha in detail as well. Well, now the beta is complete and the game has undergone some huge changes. You can try it out now on iOS and Android and I'll provide more impressions in this week's Out Now.

Tavern Guardians: $.99

Normally $3, match-three title Tavern Guardians is currently on sale for a buck. It's not best of breed, there are better match-three games on mobile, but it is an entertaining experience with good gameplay and a fun theme. It's certainly worth a dollar.

868-HACK: 1 secret level (that we know about)

Spoiler alert: there's a secret level in 868-HACK. This blog post goes into it in detail, there's a secret code and everything, it's an interesting read that also contains a spoiler for Imbroglio (another game by HACK creature Michael Brough).  

The Escapists: 1 new pun-based prison

The most fun you can have living in, and escaping from, prison is The Escapists. The devs keep adding new prisons from which to escape. First we had Alcatraz and now Banned Camp. It's a nice little scenic spot by the lake, until it isn't.

Runescape: 2 versions coming to mobile

Runescape, a popular MMORPG, and its grand pappy—Old School Runescape, which was brought back by popular demand—are both on their way to a mobile device near you. Both games will be playable cross-platform, so on both PC and mobile. It'll remain to be seen how playable the game is on a mobile device, but, at a minimum it'd be nice to be able to do non-combat type stuff. Old School Runescape is coming late this year with Runescape sometime in 2018. 

7 Wonders: 3rd quarter launch (for iPad)

It's been quite the journey, but at long last we finally have it: a 7 Wonders mobile launch date. Well, not a date really, but months. The iPad version will be out in September with Android coming in December. 

Telltale Games: 3 new seasons

San Diego Comic Con wraps up today and was full of interesting comics and pop-culture related announcements. One of which was Telltale's reveal of new seasons for three popular game series: Batman: The Enemy Within, The Walking Dead: The Final Season, and The Wolf Among Us. The announcement was to launch the hype train with no solid mobile release dates. Check out the announcement video for more:

Age of Conquest IV: 3-turn ceasefire option

If you enjoy games of world conquest, especially those with a strong multiplayer implementation, you should be playing Age of Conquest IV. This game is free to play with no catch—IAPs are for maps and the like, no pay to win—and is constantly update. A recent update added a cool new 3-turn ceasefire option to allow for calmer starts to a game.

Pathfinder Adventures, Rise of the Goblins: $8.99

New content is coming this week for Pathfinder Adventures, the Rise of the Goblins campaign. It is, as you would expect, all about the goblins with two new goblin characters, goblin dice, 5 new scenarios, and all 11 iconic characters in a special goblin form to round out a party. There are tons more details in Obsidian's blog post.


Card Thief: 10 new thieves

A new version of Card Thief is in beta and currently testing. It adds ten new thieves to the game as well as the ability to replay the daily game and relive your mistakes…or successes. Card Thief is a great game and it's exciting to see new content on the way.

Rome Total War - Alexander: 27th of July

Feral Interactive has put a date to the "sometime this summer" release timing of the next expansion for Rome: Total War. In Alexander you'll act as Alexander the Great and lead Macedon against the Persian Empire. The game's coming July 27th, so just a few more days to wait.

Telltale Humble Bundle: $275 worth of games

Speaking of Telltale…It's not mobile news, but I know many of our readers—and gamers in general—enjoy Telltale games. If that's you, check out this Telltale Humble Bundle which includes a bunch of the Walking Dead games, Game of Thrones, Batman, Minecraft, and enough other games to keep you busy for some time to come.

That's all for this week's new wrap-up - if you want to get your news featured in next week's edition, please do drop us an email!



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