News by Numbers - November 13, 2017

By Nick Vigdahl 13 Nov 2017 2

Welcome to this week's edition of News by Numbers, where we highlight some of the can't-miss mobile gaming news each and every week.


Lost Portal: version 1.1.7

One of my favorite mobile games, the excellent premium CCG Lost Portal, just got a new update that brings some small but nice updates to duelling. There's a new indicator for when player abilities activate. The associated artwork displays briefly where appropriate so you know what's happened. There are also now creature icons to indicate which ones have overwhelm, armored, aeon abilities, and abilities that activate on death—a handy visual reminder that some additional tactical planning may be required against these foes. Even better, the developer is also working on a new survival mode where you'll go dungeon delving and see how far you can get. There's no release date in mind, but we'll surely keep you posted. 


Motorsport Manager Mobile 2: 3 new modes

Not only was Motorsport Manager Mobile 2 on sale of late, it was also updated with new content. Three new modes were added to the game. For a greater challenge, you can choose the game plus mode, which makes the AI tougher. There's also an elimination mode that disqualifies the racer in last place with every lap. Finally, rise of the robot is all about building your own racing AI to go out and win matches for your team. Motorsport Manager Mobile 2 was just released earlier this year and it's great to see so much developer support.

Iron Marines: 4 new missions

Iron Marines has been out a couple months and just dropped a new content update. Version 1.2 is packing 4 new missions and 2 new heroes available via IAP. Mark gave Iron Marines 4-stars in his review and the game might be the closest we can get to Starcraft on a tablet.

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition: 10 chapters

The upcoming mobile version of Final Fantasy XV promises to be as close the real deal as possible on your phone. The game will have 10 chapters of content and the first is free, you know, to get you hooked. Prices will vary on additional chapters with a packaged deal for everything. No word on an official launch date but Android users can pre-register now to get in on the action.

Demon's Rise 2: 18 characters

Tactical combat RPG Demon's Rise 2 is known for challenging combat encounters and a metric ton of awesome characters to try out. Now, an 18th character enters the fray—Mistress Ciella, the Succubus, wields charm along with immense strength and speed, a powerful combo.


Hearthstone: 135 cards

Hearthstone's year of the mammoth is drawing to a close but there's one more set left to discover. Kobolds & Catacombs contains 135 cards with a dungeon-delving focus. These cards will be about loot acquisition, dodging traps, and taking down monsters in a giant subterranean labyrinth. There will even be a single-player dungeon-crawl mode called Dungeon Run where you'll with a 10-card deck and earn new cards as you take down bosses. The expansion is coming in December.



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