News by Numbers - October 10th, 2016

By Nick Vigdahl 10 Oct 2016 8

Welcome to By the Numbers, a news column where I highlight some of the interesting news and numbers in mobile gaming.

Stencilsmith: $.99

Stencilsmith is part Minecraft, part D&D. You slide tiles around the game board, similar to Threes but there's a lot more going on here. You craft materials, forge tools and weapons, fight monsters, and loot treasure chests. It feels a bit like a crazy Rubik's Cube but with swords…and dragons.

Version 2.0 recently came out and brought three new game modes, each requiring a different strategy from the original "Endless" mode. There's also now a design mode where you can create your own stencils for use in the game. Getting beaten by a monster of your own making is kind of awesome.

This game is challenging and very fun. At $1 you should just go buy it now. Available on iOS.


Battleheart 2: 3 months of development so far

Development has started on Battleheart 2 and Mike Mobile is about three months in. Word is they want this to be the best installment of the popular series yet, following some player disappointment over the direction Battleheart Legacy took. Of particular interest is the introduction of co-op multiplayer for up to four players. That sounds awesome, sadly we have awhile to wait. Battleheart 2 will be released on iOS, Android, and PC, so chance are good you'll be able to play it.

Rome Total War: 4 GB of storage space

We've got more news from Feral Interactive about the upcoming release of Rome: Total War on iPad. First, you'll need an iPad Pro, iPad Air, or iPad Mini 2 or greater. Second you'll need a whopping 4GB of storage space. Third the game will set you back $9.99 USD. Those are pretty big numbers, but I'm still in. Rome: Total War is coming in "autumn", according to Feral's site. At least they narrowed that down some.

Pathfinder Adventures: 5 new scenarios

Pathfinder Adventures is undoubtedly on our shortlist for game-of-the-year, Kelsey gave it five stars after all. The Fortress of the Stone Giant update is now available and adds 5 new scenarios, 4 new locations, new loot, maps, and Legendary rewards to a game already brimming with content. Go get the update and if you don't have the game you can find it on iOS and Android.

Pathfinder Adventures

Is it a Bird? Is it a Plane? It's a Dragon! RUN!!!!

The Walking Dead March to War: 7 seasons

The seventh season of The Walking Dead starts October 23 and boy do they have a cliffhanger to resolve! Rick and company are right around volume 19 of the comic, titled March to War, which is also the name of a forthcoming Walking Dead mobile game.

The game will be story-driven, multi-player, and much different than prior offerings. You will play as a leader of a group of survivors that must cooperate to wrest limited supplies from other groups in what was once Washington D.C. Your paths will cross with Rick, Negan, and other familiar faces to any fan of the franchise. It sounds a lot like the super fun Rebuild 3: Gangs of Deadville but with a multiplayer twist.

March to War is being developed by Disrupter Beam who successfully developed similar games for the Star Trek and Game of Thrones franchises. It will be coming to both iOS and Android next year.

Lost Portal: Level 32 cap

We've talked about Lost Portal before. It is a CCG that plays like an RPG. You generate ability scores that improve over time and confer bonuses like extra "mana" or starting the game with a creature in play. You explore the world, accept quests, duel foes, and win cards and gold. A recent update added a lot more content and increased the level cap to 32. This is the ninth update to add cards, content, or functionality since the game released in February, so the dev is really supporting the game. Lost Portal is a bargain at $1.99 and all of the cards are winnable in game with no IAP. I'm still playing it daily and you should absolutely pick it up on iOS!

Lost Portal

Calculords 2: $40,000 goal

There's a Kickstarter underway until October 26 for a sequel to your high-school math teacher's favorite CCG: Calculords.

Once again, it is by Seanbaby (and friends) and he reports that Calculords 2: Rise of the Shadow Nerd will contain more win than the original. It takes place thirty years after the original and will have all new cards, bosses, aliens, as well as improved art and audio. You'll get to pick your commander—each with different abilities, tactics, and deck-design potential—to take into battle. Cards will level up as you play and Rise of the Shadow Nerd will even have PVP. It should be ready for your iOS or Android in early 2017.

The Battle of Polytopia: 102,102 high score

The Battle of Polytopia, formerly known as Super Tribes, is a turn-based strategy game where you aim to rule the world as quickly as possible. There are over a million regular players which makes the weekly high score list pretty competitive. A recent update added separate high-score lists for every playable tribe in the game and improved the games AI. The devs are also working on a multiplayer mode for the game. It's one of my favorite games of 2016 and definitely recommend that you get Polytopia if you own an iOS device.

That's it for this week's edition of By the Numbers. If you've got a news item worth sharing send it my way on Twitter @MrVigabool.



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