News by Numbers - October 16th, 2017

By Nick Vigdahl 16 Oct 2017 2

Welcome to this week's edition of News by Numbers, where we highlight some of the can't-miss mobile gaming news each and every week.


Armello: Beta on 1 platform (iOS)

Digital board game Armello is on its way to mobile and they are looking for beta testers. If you're interested in checking it out and providing some feedback head over here and throw your name in the hat.

Through the Ages: version 1.24

Tabletop to mobile board game Through the Ages hit the app stores earlier this year and just got an update with a couple nice changes. An oft-requested one is the slowing down of your opponent's turn so you can see what the heck they did and how the heck they might win instead of you. Very nice. They've also fixed stability for the game, which has been a bit of a problem for some players since launch. Good stuff from a great game.

Project Aurora: a few countries to start

CCP, makers EVE Online—the game that launched a thousand spreadsheets—announced they are partnering with PlayRaven to create Project Aurora. What's Project Aurora you ask? Well, according to CCP it's a game where "players must work together to dominate the center of the galaxy, and become the most powerful corporation in the universe.” So…EVE Online mobile, more or less. The game will start out in a few countries before making its way to the world with a 2018 release.

Project Aurora

XCOM: 5 years

Five years ago XCOM: Enemy Unknown was released launching a genre of games across every digital platform. Its expanded version, XCOM: Enemy Within, made it to mobile where it remains today thanks to a timely 64-bit update. It's hard to imagine tactical games in a world without XCOM so quick hat tip to Firaxis Games and 2K Games.

Bottom of the 9th: 6 game campaign

Excellent dice-based baseball game Bottom of the 9th just got a new version and free content expansion. The Manager's Challenge solo campaign is a six game home stretch where you, the manager of our scrappy underdogs, are fighting to keep your job. The games are all different thanks to special effect cards that alter the conditions, including multiple-inning efforts.

The Escapists: 9th prison

Life-in-prison sandbox game The Escapists has added yet another new and free prison. This one is called "Duct Tapes are Forever" and has a James Bond theme. The Escapists is a fun game and you can find out why in this very well written 4-star review.

Ticket to Earth: 21 second teaser

Puzzle/RPG Ticket to Earth just released episode two and now Robot Circus, the makers of the game, are building augmented reality into the game. I haven't been overly impressed with AR implementation thus far, though I concede it will be big eventually. I must admit, however, that the AR implementation in Ticket to Earth looks very cool in the short trailer Robot Circus tweeted last week.

That's all for our latest news round up - enjoy the rest of your week!



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