News by Numbers - October 17th, 2016

By Nick Vigdahl 17 Oct 2016 7

Welcome back to News by Numbers, where I highlight some of the can't-miss mobile gaming news each week.

Sentinels of the Multiverse: $.99

Sentinels of the Multiverse was released in 2014 and Dave dug it, a lot. The base game just went on sale for a mere dollar and season 1 is available at a discounted price of $19.99. Season 2 is also hot off the presses and will set you back $24.99. If you love superpowers, and card/board games, and don't have Sentinels yet now's the time. Get it on iOS and Android!

Hades' Star: 1 yellow star

device screen 3Here's one for the "watch closely" file. Hades' Star is a space-based, 4x style, massively-multiplayer game where you colonize planets, expand to other star systems, build space stations, establish and grow your own economy, and of course fight other players and the AI. There's also an emphasis on cooperative play and Hades' Star is built around social interaction. You can engage in politics, diplomacy, assist other players with goals in their home systems, and form corporations to pool resources, build massive fleets, compete with rival groups, and of course—share in the profits.

Each player will start with their own system based around a yellow star. This yellow star serves as a safe zone, allowing single-player progression and optional cooperative play with others, but will keep new players from getting bulldozed by their more experienced neighbors. This is a really smart idea and should be a good way to grow a user base.

There is no release date for Hades' Star yet, but it is being developed for both iOS and Android and all content and progression will be free. IAPs will allow players to advance more quickly toward galactic supremacy.

Smash Up: 3 free factions

Smash Up is a popular card game that lets you shuffle two different factions—ninjas, robots, zombies, and so on—together to make a world-conquering force of doom. The digital version was announced some months back and just went early access on Steam a few days ago. The iOS and Android will versions will follow and feature online play for up to four players. Three factions will be available for free, and of course you want more than that, but at least we'll be able to test it out a bit before pulling the trigger.

Lifeline: Flatline: 4th game

Lifeline: Crisis Line just came out a couple months back but 3 Minute Games has yet another game in the popular interactive-fiction series scheduled for late October. Flatline will be available on both iOS and Android and will have a definite horror feel. You must help the poor protagonist escape the confines of a scientific facility after waking up strapped to a hospital bed with no memory. It will also incorporate real-time info on heart rate and pulse to drive home the story. No precise date yet, but one would have to suppose Halloween or thereabouts.

Biz: 7.8% of users

A recent analysis of 2016 app-installation and buying habits found that 7.8% of iOS users have made an in-app purchase compared to 6.1% of Android users. This is across all apps, not just games. Based on the freemium dominance of the top-grossing lists I'd assume the number is higher in the games category, but maybe not as high as you'd think. Many freemium games cater to their "whales", a small subset of the playing population that'll pour money into the game like a slot machine.

Mini-Metro: 10 real world cities

I love metro maps. So colorful and interesting. The best of them are art, plain and simple. So when I first heard of Mini-Metro it instantly appealed to me. Mini-Metro is a puzzle-strategy game where you must draw routes between subway stations to best serve the needs of a constantly growing city. The game is on Steam now but coming out October 18th for iOS and Android. It will feature three different modes of play and ten real-world cities including London, NYC, and Paris. Just take my money…

This War of Mine: 11 bit studios

A new expansion dropped last week for the war-survival game This War of Mine. The game puts you in the position of innocent civilians caught in horrible wartime conditions and was already known for the brutal choices thrust upon you, the player. "The Little Ones" ups the ante, and probable bad dreams, by bringing children into the mix and still asks, "how far will you go to make it another day?" This War of Mine is available on iOS and Android.

Colt Express: 30 chapters in story mode

Want to rob a train from the comfort of your mobile device? Colt Express has you covered in another board-to-digital-game conversion. It will feature online cross-platform multiplayer as well as thirty chapters of story mode. Colt Express is coming to mobile in November for $6.99 on both iOS and Android.

Exiles of Embermark: 60 seconds

EmbermarkWhen the tag line for an upcoming game is "fantasy RPG multiplayer in one minute" I'm going to take notice. Exiles of Embermark is a story-driven tactical combat game built for mobile and meant to be played on the go in bite-sized action-packed chunks. The gameplay is round based and each player opts for an action—attacks, buffs, debuffs, spells, and other options—and once ready initiative (die roll plus stat-based modifiers) determines who goes first. It's battle, so your goal is to drop your opponent to zero hit points first.

Min-maxers rejoice, there will be a whole host of abilities and gear to experiment with and find your perfect build. Exiles will feature ranked and casual PVP as well as an extensive PVE system. A lot of attention is being given to the game world (including cool maps) and overall story narrative with John Scalzi employed as an idea guy. Exiles is coming in 2017 to iOS and Android and will be free-to-play with a Hearthstone-esque system of IAPs to speed progress.

This one has a ton of promise and I'm looking forward to seeing it in the App Store next year. If you agree and want in on alpha testing PM "TheWizard" at the Exiles forums.  

Guild of Dungeoneering: 78 new things

Guild of Dungeoneering is a great game and on my short list for game-of-the-year. I think Tof might agree with me. The Guild's second adventure pack, Ice Cream Headaches, is heading to PC on October 27th and will make its way to mobile sometime thereafter. Ice Cream Headaches will serve up 21 more quests, 30 new monsters, 3 new recruitable classes (the Yoddeler, the Ice Cream Monk, and the Snowitch) and 24 more pieces of loot. The expansion will be free if you already own the game. If you don't fix that now! You can get it on iOS and Android.

That's it for this edition of News by Numbers. If you've got a news item worth sharing send it my way on Twitter @MrVigabool and it may show up in a future edition.



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