News by Numbers - October 23rd, 2017

By Nick Vigdahl 23 Oct 2017 0

Welcome to this week's edition of News by Numbers, where we highlight some of the can't-miss mobile gaming news each and every week.


ENYO: $0

Free and fun roguelike ENYO has been out over a year but has a big content update in the works. Odysee, a new play mode, is entering beta testing and coming soon. There will also be new enemies to defeat. TinyTouchTales was and perhaps still is looking for beta testers to try it out. 

Mini Metro: 1 year old

Mass transit puzzler Mini Metro has been out for a full year and released some fun new features in celebration of its anniversary. You can now bring your mass-transit design skills to the city of Stockholm. Devices with a Taptic Engine will bounce and buzz as you build your metro. You can also delete entire lines by swiping its indicator to reveal a delete button. On 3D Touch devices a hard press will do it as well. Last but not least for me, audio can now be configured to alerts only, which means you can listen to your own music while you play.

One Deck Dungeon: 1-2 heroes

Handelabra Games, makers of superhero-based Sentinels of the Universe and the more recent Bottom of the 9th, is working with Asmadi Games to bring tabletop dice game One Deck Dungeon to PC and Mac. A Kickstarter is launching November 1st and, depending on how it does, we may also get a mobile version. One Deck Dungeon is a fun dungeon delving game that works great for one to four players. I picked it up to test out some solo tabletop games and was pretty impressed. The digital game will also be a solo experience where you'll control 1 or 2 heroes.

Bravehand: $2.99

Bravehand, by Heart Shaped Games, is a push-your-luck card game that's all about knowing when to walk away. You have a deck of cards and try to beat a card from one of many stacks on the game board by being a higher value. When you win, you can choose to push and take on the next unexposed card, or take some gold and walk away. I'm playing the beta on iOS and it's a lot of fun. It just hit Android early release and you can check it out here. The game is free with ads and $3 eliminates the ads.

Monument Valley 2: November 6th

Monument Valley is one of the biggest and best puzzle games for mobile devices. Monument Valley 2 came out for iOS in June and will now be making an appearance on the Google Play Store November 6th. Check out Mark's 4-star review for more on the game, the iOS and Android versions are likely to play the same. 

Battle of Polytopia: 12th tribe

A new tribe has arrived in the fantastic and fast 4x game The Battle of Polytopia. The Quetzali worship the bird gods and are big on harmony with nature. Also: they get to ride giant flightless birds and start with shields. If you want to conquer a world with them it'll set you back a buck in the game.

Game Dev Tycoon: November 28th

Prepare to get meta with a simulation game about making games. Greenheart Games is bringing its popular Game Dev Tycoon from Steam to iOS in late November with an Android release to follow. In it, you start a game studio in the 80s and hire and train a development team, perform research and development, make choices like to DRM or not to DRM, and otherwise try to make a gaming juggernaut. 

Game Dev Tycoon

That's all for this week's news round-up - hope you all had a good weekend, and here's to a new week of mobile gaming!



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