News by Numbers -- October 30th, 2017

By Nick Vigdahl 30 Oct 2017 0

Welcome to this week's edition of News by Numbers, where we highlight some of the can't-miss mobile gaming news each and every week.


Fantasy Flight Interactive: 1 new digital games company

Fantasy Flight Games and Asmodee announced Fantasy Flight Interactive, a new company meant to bring digital games to market. Here's the most-relevant bit of the announcement:

"Fantasy Flight Games will continue to develop hybrid digital board games, while Fantasy Flight Interactive focuses on more expansive video game projects. Fans can anticipate richly strategic experiences with easy-to-understand UI, built from the ground up for Steam. Asmodee Digital will serve as publisher for all of Fantasy Flight Interactive’s games."

It seems the focus is on Steam, but given Asmodee Digital's push into the mobile market with all of the board game adaptations, and given that Asmodee owns Fantasy Flight Games, it isn't a stretch to imagine those games coming to the App and Google Play Stores as well.

Warhammer Quest 2: version 1.008

Fixes to avoid the crash-on-start problem as well as issues plaguing completing certain quests and purchasing gold. This should take care of a lot of the poor experiences out there. It's tough to see such a rough start but the game is very good and worth overlooking the initial problems. WHQ2 is currently only available on iOS Universal.

Eternal Card Game: version 1.26

Dire Wolf Digital's CCG Eternal Card Game [iOS | Android] just got a nice update. Rewards have been improved for casual, ranked, and gauntlet. There's also some nice new quality-of-life changes including the ability to see a bunch of data about your previous games and the complete order of cards in your deck for any given game. This stuff is great for those testing new ideas and charting how they do. Eternal is great for mobile gamers who want a Magic: The Gathering-like experience.

Beholder: $1.99

Dystopian police-state simulator Beholder, where you play as a landlord tasked with spying on and reporting your tenants, just added a new expansion for the game. Blissful Sleep explores the choices of Hector, the landlord replaced by the player at the start of Beholder. As the base game begins, Hector is beaten and hauled off. Now you can live through why. The expansion is two bucks and promises to be more of the same for those that enjoyed the game. 

Hearthstone: 4 packs and 2 arena tickets for free

Halloween is tomorrow and a bunch of games are getting into the spooky spirit, Hearthstone being a good example. The Headless Horseman is around to reward you for just logging in. If you log in today you'll get two Whispers of the Old Gods card packs and an Arena ticket. Then log in again between October 31st and November 5th to get two Knights of the Frozen Throne card packs and another Arena ticket. There's also a costume party and a tricky Tavern Brawl to get in on. Check out all the details here and watch the video below for more info. 

Munchkin: coming in 2018

Steve Jackson's Munchkin, the popular multi-player dungeon delving card game, is coming to digital platforms. The tabletop to digital transformation is in the hands of, you guessed it, Asmodee Digital. In Munchkin, you compete with friends to slay monsters, collect loot, and maybe even steal it from your buddy. The theme can best be described as goofy fantasy and there's no shortage of expansions. The digital version is coming in 2018 and while there's no confirmation of what platforms will see Munchkin, it's a fairly safe bet that mobile will be on that list.

Summoner's Fate: $10,000 goal

Worthy Kickstarter Alert: D20 Studios just launched a campaign to fund Summoner's Fate, a RPG/CCG hybrid that features top-down, turn-based, tactical combat encounters. You play with cards that summon creatures and companions to help you take on and take down a wide variety of foes. Combat promises the ability to do things like manipulate gravity and alter the battlefield using "gratifying combos with mechanics." Sounds good to me! Summoner's Fate will have a single-player campaign and loads of deck building potential: 400 different cards and over 200 playable characters. The graphics are attractive and the game looks like a lot of fun based on the video and Kickstarter details.

That's all for our latest news update - enjoy the rest of your week!



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