News By Numbers - October 31st, 2016 (Halloween Special)

By Nick Vidgahl 31 Oct 2016 3

Welcome to this week's News by Numbers, where we highlight some of the can't-miss mobile gaming news each week. It's Halloween so we've got plenty of spooky game facts for you, including details on what's currently discounted on the app store!

Severed: $2.99

Released in July 2016, Severed is seeing its first App Store sale in time for Halloween. This combat RPG has trippy art is seriously strange and features swipe-based combat. It is down to $3 from $7 as part of Apple's Spooky Games promotion, so pick it up now if you have an interest.

Imbroglio: every 4 days

Ossuary, the new expansion set for Imbroglio, released late last week and is available for in-app purchase. It includes new heroes, new cards, and a new daily-challenge type of a mode, except it is every four days. Imbroglio is excellent, one of the better games of 2016, and Tof gave it five stars. Grab it on iOS and enjoy!


Plague Inc.: Mutation 13

Plague Inc. is still going strong after several years and regularly gets a fresh infusion of content. Version 1.13 just released on October 25th and introduced the Shadow Plague expansion pack. The Shadow Plague is a self-aware rapidly mutating virus and "triggers a powerful thirst for blood in its chosen host." So terminator vampires? I guess it's that time of year. Mutation 13 also works BREXIT into the simulation and you can influence how it goes down. If you want vampires and BREXIT in your world-ending pandemic simulator pick up (or update) Plague Inc. on iOS or Android.

Shadow Plague

Terra Mystica: 14 groups

Board-game-to-digital specialists Digidiced announced that they are working on a digital version of the popular Terra Mystica during Spiel 2016. In Terra Mystica, each player controls one of the land's 14 different peoples with a mandate to advance their civilization, grow their economy, and expand their territory. Digidice has Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small, Patchwork, and LeHavre: The Inland Port under their belts there is reason for optimism they'll do right by Terra Mystica. No word yet on timing for this one.

Road Not Taken: 60% off

Another notable item in Apple's Spooky Games promotion is Road Not Taken. Mark gave this puzzle adventure four stars earlier this year, and later mused on the concept of time as a mechanic using this game as an example. This one is definitely going in my trick-or-treat bag. Grab it from the App Store.

Road Not Taken

Deckstorm Duel of Guardians: 178 days

Deckstorm: Duel of Guardians is shutting down in less than two months. DeNA, Nintendo's mobile partner, has decided to shut down its US subsidiary which apparently also means closing the digital CCG, which featured during Pocket Tactics CCG Week. There will be no further special events or updates to the game and it will disappear from the App Store on October 31. The servers will shut down December 15th just 178 days after the game's iOS launch.

Demon's Rise 2: 449 spells and abilities

Demon's Rise 2: Lord of Chaos is a turn-based strategy RPG coming to the App Store on November 10. It features both an RPG story and realistic battle. You create and control a party of six warriors through a sixty-level fantasy adventure. Battles take place on a hex grid and reward the use of superior positioning to take advantage of terrain effects and cover. A morale system adds even more realism and combatants will panic or enter a berserker fury if they see an ally fall or become surrounded. Tighter formations might help with morale but leave your team vulnerable to area-of-effect damage.

Demons Rise 2

Card Crawl: $3,000

Card Crawl is forever enshrined in the Pocket Tactics gaming pantheon and is one of the best mobile games ever made. (I looked it up, it's legit -ED) More proof of that was revealed in this tweet by Tiny Touchtales developer Arnold Rauers. Despite being 1 year and 7 months old Card Crawl still manages to earn ~$3,000 a month between iOS and Android, which is fairly impressive for an indie game!

Moar Spooky Specials

More of an 'FYI' than anything, don't forget to check out these other games that are part of Apple's 'Spooky Games' special on the app store:

Crypt of the Necrodancer
Grim Fandango Remastered
Costume Quest

That's it for this edition of News by Numbers. If you've got a news item worth sharing send it my way on Twitter @MrVigabool and it may show up in a future edition.



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