News by Numbers -- September 11th 2017

By Nick Vigdahl 11 Sep 2017 3

Welcome to this week's edition of News by Numbers, where we highlight some of the can't-miss mobile gaming news each and every week.


A Planet of Mine: 1st content update

If you like Civilization and have a smartphone, you really ought to have A Planet of Mine. It's an entertaining pocket-sized 4x experience and you can find out a lot more in my 4-star review. Tuesday Quest, the developers of the game, have put out a call for beta testers to kick the tires on forthcoming content updates. If you're interested, hit them up through twitter.

Asmodee Digital: 2 more digital takeovers

Asmodee Digital is publishing a metric ton of board games for mobile devices. They also seem to be snapping up existing titles. Not long ago Asmodee assumed publishing responsibility for popular digital card game Pathfinder Adventures. Earlier this week Stately Play tweeted that another beloved game, Twilight Struggle, was now listed as an Asmodee game rather than Playdek. Twitter user Aaron Bolner noted the same thing happened to Ascension, another Playdek property. It isn't limited to multiplayer games, however. Arnold Rauers of TinyTouchTales confirmed Asmodee also approached him about a buyout.

We're not quite sure, but hopefully this doesn't mean the perfectly serviceable multiplayer options for these games will be downgraded to garbage in an upcoming update.

Hearthstone: update 9.1 balance changes

Hearthstone announced some changes to a number of cards coming in a future update. Most notably, Innervate will now yield one less mana crystal and both Fiery War Axe and Hex will cost one more mana to cast. The Innervate debuff is to slow down explosive Druid starts and the Axe costs increase will slow down Warrior tempo as well. Hex was nerfed because it acts as a pseudo-silence effect with no real drawback. 

Fiery War Axe


Warhammer Quest 2 The End of Times: October 19

If you're a fan of this site chances are good you're also a fan of fantastic tactical RPG Warhammer Quest. You probably also know the sequel, Warhammer Quest 2: The End Times, has been in development. Perchang, the developers of the sequel have given a revised launch date and it is next month, October 19. Beta testing is also coming soon and if you're interested you need to sign up for their newsletter to get the heads up. Perchang has also been very active putting out info on the upcoming game. There's a ton in the TouchArcade forums and Dave did an interview with Perchang boss Ben Murch for Stately Play. Check it out and the trailer if you haven't seen it.

Armello: 2017 on iOS, 2018 on Android

I had given up. Sure, League of Geeks said Armello was coming to tablets at some point, but it's been two years. Turns out I was wrong to doubt. TouchArcade got the scoop at PAX and got to play the game on mobile. Armello is a digital board game/RPG that looks all kinds of cool. It'll be out on iOS later this year and on Android in 2018. 

Miracle Merchant: $52,000 in sales

I love the occasional look inside the game-dev business and you can always count on TinyTouchTales to come through on that score. A recent blog post gave us a peek into the first month of sales for awesome solitaire-style card game Miracle Merchant. The game has made $52,000 in that first month, 84% of which came from iOS sales thanks in part to a very prominent App Store feature. Android had significantly more downloads (53,785 versus 30,656) where it is free-to-try with an IAP.

Hades' Star: 1 million stars

Space-based MMO Hades' Star hit a milestone last week: 1 million stars have been discovered in the game. Some of these are the yellow stars that sit at the heart of each players personal empire. Most, however, are the short-lived red stars where players go on cooperative runs to take out the alien Cerberus defenders and claim powerful artifacts. Hades' Star is a lot of fun and worth a look if you like 4x type games.

1M Stars

That's all for this week's news update - lets us know if you've heard about anything else worth sharing, and have a good week!



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