News by Numbers - September 4th, 2017

By Nick Vigdahl 04 Sep 2017 4

Welcome to this week's edition of News by Numbers, where we highlight some of the can't-miss mobile gaming news each and every week.


Burgle Bros: version 1.01

Super stealthy heist game Burgle Bros only just hit the App Store and already we've got an update. The game's first new content update brings four new maps, new gameplay variants, updated rules, and achievements in the form of medals for completing maps with different crew sizes. The game is really fun and also quite difficult. Check it out.

Lord of Waterdeep: $5 on Android

Dungeons & Dragons board game Lords of Waterdeep has not only been updated to 64-bits on iOS, but has finally made its way to Android as well. Lords of Waterdeep is a turn-based strategic board game where players dispatch their agents in an attempt to control the powerful city of Waterdeep. It's a fun game and on sale for half off to kick off its Android run.

Card Thief: 10 new thieves

TiNYTOUCHTALES has kept the pedal to the metal this year. We got Card Thief, then Miracle Merchant, then an update to Miracle Merchant, and now an update to Card Thief has been submitted to the App Store and is on its way. It's a fairly hefty addition of content bringing ten new thieves, each with their own special abilities, to the game. You'll be able to head to the new hideout area to hire these masters of thievery for a 24-hour period. Hopefully this is the first of many great  updates to bolster Card Thief. Check out the sneak peek in this tweet:

XCOM Enemy Within: 64 bits

Some good news this week as 2K Games Inc finally broke their silence on the fate of XCOM: Enemy Within, confirming it will in fact get a 64-bit update. Also, Civilization Revolution 2 is safe from the iOS 11 chopping block. Good news all around.

BattleLore Command: also 64 bits

Even more good news…Fantasy Flight's digital edition of tactical combat board game BattleLore got a much needed 64-bit update last week and is safe for the future. It joins Elder Signs: Omens, Fantasy Flight's other major iOS title, as safe from the dustbin of history.

Hearthstone: 5.8 million players

Hearthstone's latest expansion Knights of the Frozen Throne has met with success among the game's often hard-to-please audience. A whopping 5.8M players have completed the expansion's Frozen King prologue.

That's all for this week's news round up. Tune in again next Monday for more updates.



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