Night terror: One last Dream Quest update before Peter Whalen joins Hearthstone team

By Owen Faraday 08 Jun 2015 0
To sleep, perchance to dream, he said, moments before being gored by a line drawing of a unicorn. To sleep, perchance to dream, he said, moments before being gored by a line drawing of a unicorn.

We merry few (and Richard Garfield) were not the only ones besotted by Peter Whalen's extraordinary deck-building roguelike Dream Quest last year. The game that we deemed 2014's RPG of the Year (because we hate logical categorization) drew the terrible, all-seeing gaze of Blizzard. Young Mr Whalen told me the other day that next month he'll be joining the venerable studio as a designer on Hearthstone, a stroke of fate so just and so righteous that it might be evidence of a benevolent interventionist god.

But before he joins ranks with the heroes of Warcraft, Whalen has one parting gift for the Dream Quest true believer: a final update due out in the next couple of weeks which will add "a new class, a new monster, a few new achievements, some new talents, new cards, and some language fixes." In the exclusive screenshot above it appears you can see the new class, which is what? A turtlemancer? One might conclude that the turtlemancer's power is to forsee the dungeon levels and bosses from the very beginning -- no small advantage.

If you're just learning of Dream Quest's existence, you should probably read Kelsey's review from last year, and my RPG of the Year homage to the game. Then once the hooks are in, you can come back for Peter Whalen's strategy guide to the game. And then, despite the fact that it looks like something you might have found scribbled on a 13-year-old's DeviantArt page, you'll find that you've got another game you'll never delete from your iPad.

Now we'll just have to wait and see what wonders Peter Whalen performs when he starts tinkering with Hearthstone.

Here's Comrade Brad from 164 playing Dream Quest last year.

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