Nomad Games bringing Quartermaster General to digital

By Joe Robinson 09 Aug 2018 2

Guys. GUYS. Nomad Games have snagged another excellent board-game license to port to digital platforms. The Quartermaster General series are fascinating 'lite' board wargames that use cards to fuel the action, and revolve around strategic decisions and operations.

Even more important is the concept of supply – all of your armies and navies have to be able to trace an unbroken line of supply through units back to either their home territory, or another space that's become a valid supply point (these quite often get brought into the game via events).

Quartermaster General itself is a WW2 game, where up to six players split between the Axis and Allies. Each player will have their own dedicated deck of action cards to draw from – you can build/muster armies and navies, prepare response cards to react to enemy actions, or play a card from your own dedicated staple of historically themed and powerful events.

Other games in the QMG series include a WW1 version, and an upcoming release set during the Cold War – hopefully Nomad can adapt them as well at some point!

Nomad Games have been very sparse on details – other than offering up a general description of the game all we know is that it's coming in 2019. We don't officially know which platforms either, but plenty of their games end up on mobile so we're reasonably confident this should do as well. It'd be a perfect fit for it.

We'll bring you more news as it comes.



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