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By Admin 12 Dec 2019 1

It’s that time of year again! I meant to get this up earlier in the week but things slipped a bit, but we’re here and can finally get started. Since taking over Pocket Tactics I’ve preferred to go down a simpler GOTY route, supported by op-eds from key writers reflecting on the past year, and we’re continuing the same tradition.


So, below you’ll find a form that will allow you to cast your vote for your favourite game of 2019. The main GOTY award has the following rules & restrictions:

  • Only games reviewed by Pocket Tactics, awarded 5-stars & released in the 2019 Calendar Year have been put up for nomination.
  • There is a ‘None of the Above’ option in case you don’t agree with voting for any of this year’s front-runners.

To allow readers to express their own personal views, we’ve also brought back out ‘Wildcard’ nomination. This is a completely open vote, so you can nominate who you like. Please try and stick to the following guidelines:

  • Only games released on either iOS or Android during the 2019 Calendar Year.
  • You can nominate the expansion or DLC of a game, provided that expansion or DLC was released during the 2019 Calendar Year.
  • When nominating your game, please try and type out the game name as it appears in the iOS App Store (or Google Play store if it is an Android exclusive). This will help with data sorting at the end.

You may write ‘None’ if you do not wish to vote for anyone in the Wildcard category, and you may vote in both the main award AND the Wildcard nomination if you want. As a final optional extra, you may also write some words as to why you nominated who you did for the Wildcard award.

There is a second-page to the form, which is our usual round of reader polling just to get an idea of who you are and what kind of habits govern you currently. Questions are pretty much the same as last year, although we’ve added a question regarding Apple Arcade. We don’t collect any personally identifying info, we’re just interested in what you like, what devices you have, etc…

Any questions, let us know in the comments - otherwise get voting!



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