Nordic Countries map comes to Ticket to Ride

25 Apr 2016 8

With all the great board games on the App Store, it's easy to miss one or two when trying to remember them all. One that continually seems to get lost in the shuffle here at Mt. Hexmap is the venerable Ticket to Ride from Days of Wonder. It's really the granddaddy of all digital board game apps, existing on PCs way before the iPad was a gleam in Steve Jobs' eye. Since then it's come to phones and tablets and, just last year, relaunched as a universal app that, apparently, has a few issues. That said, it's still being supported with the latest update landing just last Friday. Not only did it aim to fix bugs and other niggling issues, it also brought along a new map: Nordic Countries.

Nordic Countries is a 2-3 player map that focuses much more on player interaction that the standard USA or European maps. This version wants you to block and annoy your opponents rather than focus solely on your own tickets. It's the basic Ticket to Ride rules, but incorporates some aspects from Ticket to Ride: Europe such as ferries. Like the previously released India map, Nordic Countries is a vertical map, which I've always thought was a cool feature of the new Universal app.

Aside from the new map, the update includes the aforementioned bug fixes and it also brings new achievements into the game, if that's your thing. The Nordic Countries map is available via a $3 IAP and the app itself runs $7.

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