Old World blues: A new iOS port of the original Sid Meier's Colonization appears

By Owen Faraday 31 Aug 2015 0
(Manifest) Destiny: The Taken King.

There was some surprise on the PT Forums last week when a no-frills iOS port of the classic Civ spin-off Sid Meier's Colonization appeared on the App Store. Among Civ heads there's quite a lot of fond memories of the 1994-vintage Colonization, which was (wisely) not followed by the sequels Sid Meier's Indian Removal and Sid Meier's Cultural Appropriation.

Colonization mostly follows the familiar Civ rhythms of expansion and innovation of an empire, but in this case you're the New World colony of a European motherland, and eventually your power grows to the point that you can declare independence and fight off the inevitable invasion from the Old World. It was so good that it's one of the rare Civ spin-off titles to be revisited -- there was a Civ IV-based remake released for desktops in 2008.

There's a few oddities in the App Store listing for this new iOS Colonization. There's two distinct publishers listed: the vintage game re-mastering outfit Retrosim and the kiddie specialist Humungous Entertainment -- Retrosim assure me that it's their game and the Humungous listing is an error. You might also note with some worry that the screenshots are almost identical to the 1994 version of the game, and from what our man Davy Lane has been telling me, the UI has been transposed directly without much attention paid to the new format. Hmm.

Davy's working on a review for us, but if you want to dive in regardless, you can find Colonization on the App Store -- it's a Universal app.

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