One Deck Dungeon expands its hero roster with the Witch

By Ian Boudreau 05 Jul 2018 3

There’s some new DLC to pick up for One Deck Dungeon, the card-driven roguelike that popped up just back in June. A warm welcome to The Witch, a new magic-user who Handleabra says is a bit of a “jack of all trades.”

Witches usually get associated with damp places like swamps and bogs, but in the lore of One Deck Dungeon, they seem to be pyromaniacs who all study their trade in a volcanic city called Inanidec. Syvir, our new Witch, is supposed to be “more anarchic than Mages, and more chaotic than Alchemists,” and she excels in both spellcasting and melee combat.

The Witch DLC just launched July 4, and she joins two new characters, the Fanatic and a faerie called Caliana, and two new dungeons, the Phoenix Den and the Cinder Plains, in One Deck Dungeon’s DLC lineup. Each can be had for 99 cents US or your local equivalent.

If you haven’t tried this excellent conversion of the tabletop dice game yet, check out our five-star review.



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