One in, one out: Playdek bringing Dungeons & Dragons to iOS this year

By Owen Faraday 27 Mar 2013 0
You know that joke. Watercold, waterdeep too. (Image by Mike Hulsebus)

...where were we? Oh yes. Playdek.

When we last saw Playdek, they were engaged in the rather delicate business of explaining their breakup with Stoneblade Entertainment, who've decided that they can make world-class iOS apps without the aid of our 2012 Publisher of the Year.

Playdek have wasted no time in filling the hole that Stoneblade have left in their partner portfolio: at PAX East on Friday the venerable games publishing house Wizards of the Coast let slip that they would be working with Playdek to bring Dungeons & Dragons board games to iOS. A press release sent round last night said that we could expect the first game from this collaboration to appear "later this year", and there was no mention in the statement of non-iOS platforms.

While it's not a departure from their M.O. of adapting established tabletop gaming properties for mobile, this is Playdek's biggest coup to date. Ascension and Agricola, for all their many merits, are decidedly niche properties, even in the already-cloistered world of hobby gaming. By contrast, even my mom has heard of Dungeons & Dragons.

The obvious next question is: which D&D board game? Since acquiring the rights to the world's most famous pen-and-paper RPG in 1997, Wizards have been diligent in producing board games based in the universe so there's no shortage of options. In characteristic style Playdek are keeping the details close to the vest for now and Wizards seem to have been focusing on the announcement of their flagship franchise Magic, whose 2014 edition
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