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By Nick Vighdal 24 Nov 2017 1

Thanksgiving week means lots of sales but very few new releases. There are a couple expansions of note, however.


ENYO Odyssee Mode (iOS Universal and Android) - Enyo Review

This week brought us a content update for TinyTouchTales entertaining roguelike ENYO. Odyssee mode pits you against a series of randomly generated challenges where your goal is to clear as many levels as possible. Your best effort will be compared to others facing the same odyssee. The update also brings three new enemies. The Toruga makes use of a movable hook wall, Monky throws barrels to obstruct your path, and Froggo's leaps stun and push you. The content update is free for those who already own the game, so check it out if you own ENYO, and grab it if you don't.

Mysterium: Secrets & Lies Expansion (iOS Universal and Android)

Asmodee Digital has been on an absolute tear this year releasing a spate of tabletop ports Steam and mobile stores and acquiring publishing rights to many genre stalwarts. If you harken back to the beginning of the year, January to be exact, you'll remember Mysterium was near the head of the pack. It's a cooperative game of deduction where players try to interpret clues to a murder provided by the ghost of the victim. This week a new expansion, Mysterium: Secrets and Lies, was released and expands the game's deck of cards with new items, weapons, and locations. It also introduces story cards that put an additional question to the players: why was the victim killed. There are eighteen story cards in all which can be swapped out for weapon cards to bring an additional dynamic of challege to the game. The expansion also adds six new suspects, six new locations, six new items, and forty-two additional vision cards. You can grab it as an in-app purchase on both iOS and Android.

Millie Bornes (iOS Universal and Android) - Full Review Incoming!
An 11th hour news blast made us aware of the release of Milles Bornes, another Asmodee Digital release of a famous table-top game. Players can challenge up to 3 other friends or AI opponents in a bit to be the first to travel 1000 miles. Players must use their Distance cards to advance, lay their Hazard cards to prevent their opponents from advancing, and ward off dirty tricks from other players to advance as fast as possible. In addition to cards from the physical deck, the digital interpretation has been enriched with new courses like "In the countryside" and exclusive cards incorporating alternative rules to spice up the action. Events squares allow players to double the distance travelled or slow the player down.

Seen anything else you like? Played any of the above? Let us know in the comments!



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