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By Nick Vigdahl 17 Nov 2017 2

Happy new games post day! We continue our string of good card games this week and also throw in a couple board games, one new and one expansion, as well as a paperclip making simulator. It's more interesting than it sounds.


Brave Hand (iOS Universal and Android)

Bravehand — the latest by Heart Shaped Games, makers of Hero Generations—is a fun push-your-luck card game. You have a deck of cards and try to beat cards from one of many piles on the game board, high card wins. When you win, you can choose to push on and take on the next unexposed card, or take some gold and walk away. The game has two modes, "Brave" and "Boost." Brave mode is the base game and boost lets you add in special extra cards that mess with the rules a bit. The game is free with ads and $3 eliminates the ads. Brave Hand is well worth trying out, especially if you enjoy solo card games.

Jewel of Kings (iOS Universal)

We've got a second card game this week, one with an interesting trade-up mechanic. In Jewel of Kings you are an explorer with 24 low-value cards and are dealt a four-card hand. You must parlay your cards into better, higher value cards, until your hand meets or exceeds 42, at which point you can claim the jewel of kings. Suits have different abilities which effect game play. Jewel of Kings is simple but fun game with some smart tactical gameplay, and unlimited undo/redo to play with different paths, and is worth checking out for card-game aficionados. 

7 Wonders (iPad)

It's been a long time coming, a really long time, but 7 Wonders has launched on iPad. 7 Wonders is a card-drafting, civilization-building game with some fairly straightforward strategy. if you're a fan of the game, and like having digital board games, it's a solid option for your collection. That is, assuming you don't care about quality multiplayer. If you do, I'd hold off a bit and see if it'll come in a future update. There are almost no options to vary the multiplayer experience, you just queue up and hope for the best. You can't setup a private game with friends or meet up with somebody you actually know in any way. The single-player games is not bad and games play quick. They are relatively easy, however, and the AI is a bit of a pushover. It's also worth noting the game requires an internet connection at present.

Universal Paperclips (iOS Universal and Android)

Universal Paperclips is described as a clicker, but... it's really not. It's a clicker-turned-business simulation-turned-strategy game. We took a look at it over at Strategy Gamer, and came out thoroughly impressed. You should definitely read that piece to see what the game is really about, and check it out if it seems like your kind of thing (it should be noted you can play the game for free on a browser).

Universal Paperclip3

Ticket to Ride - UK Map (iOS Universal and Android)

Asmodee Digital released a new expansion for super-popular digital board game Ticket to Ride. The United Kingdom Expansion allows you to play in the UK and also adds 16 special technology cards for both locomotives and wagons. The new expansion is available via in-app purchase on both iOS and Android.

Seen anything we've missed? Played any of the above? Let us know in the comments!



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