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By Nick Vigdahl 10 Nov 2017 1

It's that time again. Friday means new games and we've got a trio of good options, especially for gamers on a budget. Our first two games are completely free. The third is a sequel to a classic CCG/RPG hybrid.


BoneSwiper (iOS Universal and Android)

There are a lot of great games in the vein of Threes!, the groundbreaking swipe-to-combine title from years past. Boneswiper is a new offering on the theme and has you swiping around as a warrior looking to smite some skeletons, because, why wouldn't you? Combat between the warrior and enemies takes multiple swipes as each side takes damage, which adds an interesting element as those tiles don't move.

There are also weapons, shields, and food to eat to regain health, and even a day/night cycle -- in the day you rest and craft better weapons and shields, in the night you resume the battle. The game was made as a side project and the developers aren't worried about monetization, so it is 100% free. If it takes off they will add more content, likely for an in-app fee. Even cooler, these guys released the game on both iOS and Android straight away. It's a fun little Threes-like with no downside to picking up if you enjoy the genre.

Flipflop Solitaire (iOS Universal)

Zach Gage is known for developing games that turn known concepts on their heads and bringing the fun while he's at it. Typeshift and Spelltower are great takes on some archetypal word games, and Really Bad Chess is in actuality a really fun take on Chess. Sage Solitaire remains one of my favorite takes on one of the most ubiquitous of game types. With Fliptop Solitaire ,Gage is taking another crack at Solitaire.

As usual, the game breaks the normal rules. It lets you stack cards in both descending and ascending order and uses fewer stacks, five in total, to both keep the challenge level high and make the game easily playable in portrait mode. You can play with one or many suits, which acts as a difficulty setting. Flipflop Solitaire is a fun and attractive take on the game and is free for up to 4 suits. You can unlock a fifth suite and an extended suit with a $2.99 IAP.

Card City Nights 2 (iOS Universal)

Card City Nights is a great, premium, collectable-card game served up in a nice role-playing game wrapper. You wander through an interesting town, playing various inhabitants in a card game and learn about the town as you go. It’s a lot of fun and one of the better CCG/RPG hybrids in either mobile store. Ludosity, the makers of Card City Nights, just released a follow up. In Card City Nights 2 you trade the town for a space-based flying City, the Starship Frivolity.

Each and every denizen of the ship is fully enamoured with The Card Game, and you are no exception. You battle your way through the Frivolity, taking on increasingly capable opponents in The Card Game and learning a little more about the mysteries surrounding the ship.

The switch from town to starship isn’t the only change in this sequel. The Card Game is now also played on a single game board shared by both players. You connect cards by matching up directional arrows on each card and when you chain together a long enough combo you activate the cards and they count down a number of turns before resolving. The game play makes it possible to line up explosive chains of damage and other effects to take down your opponent's health and "silence" some of their better cards.

The shared game board adds a nice tactical layer where you can work to directly block your opponent’s plans. There are 200 total cards, all of which are obtainable through normal play, there are no IAPs in Card City Nights 2. You can take on the single-player campaign or face off against humans online. There's a full review coming, but if you enjoy CCGs buy with confidence.

Monument Valley 2 (Android) (Review)

Quick mention, as we forgot to include this. Monument Valley's equally impressive sequel has finally hit Android devices. And there was much rejoicing.

Seen anything we've missed? Played any of the above? Let us know in the comments!



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