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By Nick Vigdahl 15 Dec 2017 0

Games, games, everywhere games…we're taking the opportunity this week to get caught up on a couple recent releases that we haven't yet mentioned, as well as to mention some new options out this week. Check them out and happy gaming!


Tales of Inca: Lost Land (iOS Universal) - Full Review Incoming!

Tales of Inca: Lost Land is a fun little game of adventure, expansion, and resource management. You oversee an Incan tribe as they explore the forests, deserts, mountains, volcanos, deserts and other biomes and expand their presence across the planet. Managing your resources, including your shamanistic abilities, is key to a successful expansion. You'll also face foes like robbers, monsters, and even dragons.

Tales of Inca

Turning (iOS Universal)

Tim Fowers, maker of the excellent Burgle Bros and Paperback, has yet another game out in the App Store. Turning is a tile-placement game where you drop tiles onto a game board that fire off a ball into previously placed tiles, ideally resulting in a chain reaction that allows the ball to blow up and clear a portion of the board. Your goal is to keep the board clear to score points and if it fills all the way up, game over. It's a simple but fun game that is free.

Talisman: Harbinger Expansion (iOS Universal and Android) - Full Review Incoming!

Talisman is the game that keeps on giving, with expansion after expansion adding new cards and content to an old favorite. The latest is the Harbinger expansion, and the first under the watch of Asmodee Digital. The Harbinger expansion adds four decks with which to play, each with a different theme. The story is all about omens and the end of the world and, you know, avoiding it and there's also a Harbinger deck full of more powerful things to fight and try not to get slaughtered by. There are ten new spells, a couple additional endings, and new characters.

VEMpire - The Kings of Darkness (iOS Universal)

Vampires and deck building, together at last. VEmpire - The Kings of Darkness is a deck-building game inspired by those blood-sucking aristocrats the House of Habsburg. Your goal is to build a vampiric empire, thus the groan-worthy name, and the most powerful one at that. You'll take on the AI or opponents in tactical turn-based similar to Ascension and Star Realms. The game is premium, and all of the cards are available with purchase, and the theme interesting. Cards depict real-life characters, buildings, and events albeit with the vampiric spin. Each of the game's factions has different cards and strategies which makes for nice variety. Gameplay is fun, though not as compelling to me as Ascension. If you like the genre, it's worth checking out.

Portal Knights (iOS Universal and Android)

Ultra-popular PC and console game Portal Knights recently came to mobile and man is it fun. It's an open-world, do-what-you-want, sandbox RPG adventure game like Minecraft, but with considerably better graphics. It's also a team-based game where you play with up to four players on the same Wi-Fi. Naturally, there's a ton of crafting and building but you also get to choose from different classes and skills. As you roam the world you must beat back monsters of all shapes and sizes in tactical combat similar to Crashlands. Best of all, it's a premium game. If you like Minecraft, Crashlands, and other sandbox building and exploring games definitely check out Portal Knights.

Addendum: We've also heard quite last minute that tactical puzzle game Ticket to Earth has just released on Android! You can read our review of the iOS version here.

Played any of the above? Seen anything else you like? Let us know in the comments!



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