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By Nick Vigdahl 11 Aug 2017 1

It's an exciting week in the world of mobile, my fellow gamers, as there are lots of great new titles available for your weekend entertainment. We've got a long-awaited game from a well-regarded developer, a surprise title from the makers of one of my favorite 4Xers, a cat-centric RPG, race cards for Android gamers, oh and new cards for the king of all collectible-card games. Check them out and have a great weekend!

Strike Team Hydra (iOS Universal and Android) - Full Review & Prize Giveaway Incoming!

We've been talking about it for months and now it is finally here: Strike Force Hydra is out on both iOS and Android. Wave Light Games, the makers of the game, switched gears slightly and moved from the fantasy inspired Demon's Rise games to the future, and science fiction with this latest release. You control a squad of mercenaries that respond to a distress signal from a disabled battleship and must square off against a host of alien intruders. You build your crew of space marines from eleven options, each with an assortment of powers and abilities, and the only problem is you only get to choose six.

The turn-based and heavily tactical gameplay is similar to the Demon's Rise games so if you enjoy them you'll largely feel at home. Strike Team Hydra does shift to an action-point system for movement and combat, but still makes use of terrain and the morale system of Wave Light's prior games. Give it a look if you like tactical RPGs and look out for our forthcoming review.

Motorsport Manager Mobile 2 (iOS Universal and Android)

Last month, Motorsport Manager Mobile 2—the sequel to one of the best mobile racing simulations—was released on iOS. You can read our full review here. It is just as good as the original with extra fun and features tied to roster management, including contract negotiation with drivers, and car outfitting and maintenance. The game just released on Google Play as well so now Android users can pick this one up!

Cat Quest (iOS Universal) (Android Link Unavailable)

Do you like role-playing games? How about cats? Cat Quest by The Gentlebros combines both in a two-dimensional RPG set in a cat-centric world. You play as a feline adventurer and are able to explore and fight your way across a vast continent. The world is very open and there are a bunch of quests, over 60 in total, to work your way through as well as 50 dungeons to explore. Combat is real time and you'll face a variety of monsters. Each of these foes has a repeated attack pattern and learning to anticipate and exploit these movements is key to success. It's a fun game and worth checking out if you like RPGs, and even if you aren't the biggest cat person in the world.

1812: The Invasion of Canada (iOS Universal and Android) - Full Review Incoming!

1775: Rebellion by HexWar Games plays out some pivotal pre-Revolutionary War events. The board game is great but the digital adaption…less so, due largely to a poor multiplayer experience. Now, HexWar has released a sequel of sorts. 1812: The Invasion of Canada uses the same unit management and dice rolling of 1775, but to tell part of the story of the War of 1812. It seems that multiplayer is still limited to just two players, despite there being five controllable factions. I didn't get my hands on this one, so I can't share any impressions. Hopefully they've cleaned up some of the issues that plagued the initial launch of 1812.

Hearthstone (iOS Universal and Android)

What happens when heroes fall from grace? Well, you end up with Scourge's, Death Knights, and a Lich King, that's what. Knights of the Frozen Throne, the latest expansion for Hearthstone, is live and all about answering that question. The new expansion is out now as of yesterday and added 135 new cards to the game. Check out more on the expansion straight from the source and we'll see what this brings to the metagame in short order.  

Demise of Nations (iOS Universal and Android) - Full Review Incoming!

Another game I mention a lot around these parts is Age of Conquest IV, a 4x strategy game akin to Civilization and Rome: Total War. That game is great, with compelling solo and multiplayer modes and a nice respective free-to-play model. The makers of Age of Conquest IV, Noble Master LLC, have released a new title: Demise of Nations. It's another 4x nation-building, world-conquering game but this time you can play across a wide range of time periods from the rise of Rome to the fictional (probably?) demise of modern civilization.

With a broad assortment of maps on which to play, and nations to control, your goal is to become the most dominant nation in the world through a mix of economy building, trade, diplomacy, and warfare. There's both single player against a worthy AI opponent, and multiplayer with a wealth of customization options. Turns are WEGO, so all nations submit their orders which are executed simultaneously.

Demise of Nations has the same free-to-play model as Age of Conquest IV. You get a single map, Medieval Europe, and IAPs unlock additional maps. Multiplayer is also free to play though creating a game costs 5 in-game coins. You earn 5 of these coins each day simply by logging in. If you want to create more games per day you can win coins in tournaments or buy more via IAP at the low, low cost of a penny a coin. The game is cross-platform and open to modding, so users can and will create and share additional content.

This one is definitely worth a download for any strategy-game enthusiast. The monetization is fair and makes it easy to try before you buy more. Check it out.

That's all for this week's round-up - seen anything else you like? Played any of the above? Let us know in the comments! Have a good weekend!



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