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By Nick Vigdahl 03 Nov 2017 1

We've got a bevy of great new (or fairly new) releases for you to check out this week. We'll start with a new title from the makers of one of my favorite games. There's also a new entry in one of the most storied franchises in video games along with some pissed off dwarfs and more than one cryogenic-sleeping, world-saving protagonists.


Strain Tactics (iOS Universal) - PC Review

Touch Dimensions made one of my favorite mobile strategy games of all time. Autumn Dynasty Warlords was Rome: Total War for the iPad before Feral Interactive actually made Rome: Total War for the iPad. As such, they've had my interest for any future efforts and their latest, Strain Tactics, is here. Strain Tactics is a real-time tactical war game set in a post-apocalyptic future. That future is quite a ways out. Humans have taken to space and brought back an alien plague, the Strain. The powers that be decided to use nukes to take out the virulent plague, largely destroying earth in the process. The threat lingers and you and your team are being pulled out of cryogenic sleep to eliminate the threat. Your also clones of your former war-hero selves…it gets complicated.

Strain Tactics starts by force feeding you a good bit of this exposition, leads into a longish tutorial, and then lets you loose on some action-packed encounters. These encounters are fun and challenging and make me thankful for the pause button. The touch controls work well, though I wouldn't try to play Strain Tactics on a phone. I do wish you could have multiple save points rather than specific saved games. Starting over to rectify poor early choices means going through the whole tutorial again. Still, it's a solid game and fans of the genre will find a lot to like. You can check out Alex's review of the PC version of the game over at Strategy Gamer for more.

Returner 77 (iOS Universal)

Speaking of futuristic realities, alien infestations, and cryogenic sleep — Returner 77 recently made its way to iOS and Android. It's first-person, role-playing style, puzzler in the vein of The Room series. You are one of 77 returners sent back to earth to save it from an alien infestation and must board an alien spacecraft in orbit in order to do so. Unfortunately only two of you made it…no pressure. This particular species are big puzzle fans for that's what meets you in their ship. You'll have to work your way through their web of dastardly puzzles in order to save earth and all of humanity. The graphics of Returner 77 are really top notch and the puzzles are fun and well worth the effort for fans of this type of game.

Runic Rampage (iOS Universal and Android)

Fresh from a Steam release earlier this year, Runic Rampage has hit the mobile stores and brings brutally graphic real-time combat to your fingertips. You play as a pissed off dwarf on the hunt for the fragments of a legendary runestone. The dwarf favors a little smashy smashy to anything remotely subtle and thus we can see where the name came from. Runic Rampage is a fun bit of hack and slash for those familiar with and with the dexterity for a Diablo-like style of play. It's all about positioning yourself for both magical and melee attacks and making tactical use of the game's powerful combos.

Final Fantasy Dimensions 2 (iOS Universal and AndroidFull Review Coming!

Square Enix has launched another game from the Final Fantasy world into both the App and Google Play stores. Final Fantasy Dimensions 2 is an RPG that follows Morrow and Aemo on an adventure through time as they pursue a quest to…what else, save the world. There's magic to wield, creatures to summon and control, and skills to learn as you level up. The story is fairly basic and combat is intuitive, but not overly challenging. It is, however, truly premium without  hidden currencies and other IAPs.  I'm guessing it'll cover the bases for fans of Final Fantasy but it's probably not worth the admission if you aren't. 

Pocket Build (iOS Universal) - Full Review Coming! Maybe!

Are you looking for a simulation game that gets out of the way and lets you create? Pocket Build may be for you. It's a pure sandbox mode offering where you can build whatever you want, wherever you want. There are no monsters or marauding armies to come through and cause problems. There are no build timers or in-app currency you must spend to place buildings and other items. The theme is medieval—with castles, ruins, and the like—though you can go for more time-period generic creations as well. The controls are a little strange for a touch screen, there's what is essentially a cursor that you rotate and move around and place items in the direction the arrow is pointing, but it works well enough. There are a bunch of different items with more on the way with future updates, planned for every two weeks. Fans of LEGO and Minecraft's creative mode will likely enjoy the freedom to build without restriction.

Pocket Build

Seen anything else you liked? Played any of the above? Let us know in the comments!



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