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By Nick Vigdahl 16 Jun 2017 5

The closing of another week brings another weekend and another slate of new games to check out. This week we’ve got a wide range of genres and styles from which to choose. Take a look and enjoy!


Dead Age (iOS and Android)

The end of the world! Zombies! All the things on fire! Yes, it's another game about a zombie apocalypse! I'll stop using exclamation points now! Dead Age is a turn-based RPG based in a ugly world. Uglier than the real world. You build a camp, gather some survivors to you, and do your best to survive. You'll face lots of decisions, not easy ones either, and your choices will affect how the game plays out. There's also perma-death. Yup, if a character dies they are gone. Don't get attached. There's loot to be found and gear to craft, the better your stuff the better your chance of survival. Dead Age is challenging, you'll start over a bunch, and the roguelike nature makes for some dramatic moments. It's worth checking out if you’re a fan of apocalypse by zombie.

Art of Gravity (iOS)

Zenge is one of my favorite puzzle games (you should check it out if you haven't) and I've been excited to check out the developer's latest project: Art of Gravity. In this one will let you blow up voxels, and who doesn't want to do that nowadays? Each level has one or more balls that you propel at abstract three-dimensional figures. There are a number of different mechanics that pop up to keep things interesting, and like Zenge, the game is very minimal: no tutorial, no scores or star ratings, just you and the puzzle.

Bounzy! (iOS)

A turn-based take on tower defense, Bounzy has you firing off projectiles to destroy a horde of baddies coming for your town. The projectiles bounce off walls and bad guys, dealing damage as they go. They are upgradeable with gold, earned by beating back waves of foes, and do increasingly more damage. You also gain access to special spells to help your defense and can strengthen the town’s wall to take more hits. Bounzy is free to play with ads, some forced and some optional, though the purchase of any IAP removes the ads. It’s a fun, casual tactics game and it feel good to unleash a well-placed volley that wreaks havoc on the enemy line.

Poly Bridge (iOS)

Do you like bridges? How about physics-based puzzles? If you answered yes to both of these you should check out Poly Bridge, a bridge building simulation. It features a ton of increasingly challenging campaign mode levels where you have to solve some sort of architectural/transportation problem to advance. Even better for simulation fans, is the sandbox mode where you can build any kind of bridge you desire. The game is fun to play, even in failure, as my own spectacular failures proved hard to look away from.  It isn’t the most polished simulation game out there, but there is plenty of upside for fans of the genre.

Lowlander II: Lowerlander(er) (iOS)

Mobile RPG Lowlander now has a sequel named Lowland II: Lowlanderer with, one supposes, tongue firmly in cheek. It’s just as retro as the original—which is ultimately code for crude graphics—and takes its strongest inspiration from early entries in the Ultima franchise. The story is weird but well written and there’s a large world to explore. Survival goes beyond combat, you have to figure out how to feed yourself as well. Check it out if you’re looking for a new RPG to tackle.

Forma.8 Go (iOS)

If you’re looking for an open world platforming adventure to occupy your time this weekend (and beyond) look no further than Forma.8 Go. The mobile take on Metroidvania style gameplay strands you alone on the surface of an alien planet. You must find and recover a powerful energy source and will adventure across an ancient civilization to do it. There are lots of enemies to battle and new abilities to unlock in this one, and the graphics are beautiful. If you dig platformers check this one out.

Framed 2 (iOS)

Back in 2014 a game with groundbreaking gameplay hit the mobile market. In it you rearranged the panels of a noir-style comic book to help the game's protagonist make his way through the story, dodging foes and hazards, with an all-important briefcase in hand. That game was FRAMED and Loveshack, the game's developer, just released the prequel. Yes, despite being named FRAMED 2 the storyline actually comes first. The gameplay is the same but dramatically improved. It feels more realistic and more thrilling this time around. You also have to reuse some frames which adds a fun twist. The trial-and-error of the game remains half the fun and solving difficult levels—of which there seem to be more than in the original—will have you cheering as the protagonist makes his cinematic getaway!

Carrier Deck (iOS)

Slitherine have released their first tablet game since Ork-themed Warhammer 40K Armageddon: Da Orks! Released last year. In Carrier Deck, you play the role of a Deck Chief in charge of the Flight Deck of the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan.   This is a pacey time-management game where you have to balance the needs of incoming and outgoing aircraft.

Since the Reagan is in a warzone, you also need to make sure you’re putting up enough patrols to keep you safe. We haven’t had a chance to play this one ourselves yet, but Marcello over at Strategy Gamer wrote a review (4-Stars) of the PC version that you can read in the meantime. Here is an excerpt:

“In the end, Carrier Deck is a very fun and solid effort. Its few flaws, while substantial, are fixable and don’t overwhelm the good aspects of the title. Offering a unique premise and execution and featuring a surprisingly deep yet simple gameplay, Carrier Deck is a definite recommendation.”

A full Pocket Tactics review will be coming soon.

That's it for this week's round-up. Seen anything else you like? Played any of the above? Let us know in the comments!

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