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By Nick Vigdahl 08 Sep 2017 4

The weekend is upon us ladies and gentlemen, and you know what that means: new games to check out and download. We've got some nice strategy-centric options for you to peruse including a big update to a recent favorite.

Card Thief Update (iOS Universal and Android)

Ok, it's here, the first major content update for this year's fantastic Card Thief. If you scroll down into the new hideout area where, assuming you've scored enough loot to unlock it, you'll find ten new thieves available to hire on 24-hour contracts. It's a fun new addition to the game and is hopefully just the start of a Card Crawl-esque roll out of fun new content for an already great game. Oh yeah, and the new artwork by Max "Mexer" Fieldler looks great as always! 

Minos Strategos (iPhone and Android) - Full Review Incoming!

Earlier this year Brain Good Games brought Militia, a turn-based strategy game, from Steam to mobile. Now the second swing of their 2017 one-two mobile punch is yet another tactical board game, Minos Strategos, which has also launched on iOS and Android. In Minos Strategos, you lead the defenders of the ancient city of Minos against a horde of minotaur invaders. You direct your units battle-formation cards which determine where you can move and attack enemy units. There's some nice strategic crunch in Minos Strategos and games play out pretty quick. Check it out if you enjoy single-player digital board games.

The Knight Watch (iOS Universal) - Full Review Incoming!

The Knight Watch is a simple puzzle/board game where you play as a knight from Chess. You move in an "L" around the board landing on and claiming other pieces. Your goal is to take all the other pieces in as few moves as possible as well as in as little time as possible. This combination of moves and time earn you medals—gold, silver, and bronze—based on how well you did. You score combos based on consecutive pieces taken which can really pump up your score.

There's a normal mode with 100 different levels to work your way through, a Rush mode where you have 1 minute to capture as many pieces as possible, as well as a daily mission. There's also an Apple Watch version that comes with the game, though it apparently does not sync up progress with your phone. It's an entertaining game, though not terribly deep, and worth a look if you're in need of a quick game to play here and there.

Eight Minute Empire (iOS Universal and Android- Full Review Incoming!

Quick exploration and civilization building game Eight Minute Empire has completed its transition from print-and-play, to board game, to digital game this week and is out now in both mobile stores. The game is based on victory points which are acquired through control of regions and continents on the map, as well as good accumulated along the way.

Territorial control is all about having more soldiers on a region than any other opponent and controlling more regions than anybody else on a continent. Each player takes turns playing one of the face up action cards. An action will let you recruit or move troops, as well as give you a particular good. Don't neglect the goods in favor of military maneuvering, as those victory points add up quick! There are also cards that let you destroy enemy units, which is really the only way to directly affect your opponent's strategy. The game supports multiplayer action for up to five humans and AI opponents and is asynchronous.

The initial purchase will get you two maps on which to play with five more available for $1.99 each via in-app purchase. Eight Minute Empire plays quick, a bit more than eight minutes in my experience, but are simple, fun, with a good amount of strategic depth. The game is certainly playable on my iPhone 6S Plus though I much prefer the larger screen of an iPad. 

That's all for this week's new releases. Seen anything else you like? Played any of the above? Let us know in the comments!



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