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By Nick Vigdahl 18 Aug 2017 8

Welcome to Out Now, where we give you the heads up and low down on the best new releases in strategy titles and digital card and board games (and the odd other thing). There were a couple big tabletop to digital converts that came out in the last week, and they take the focus of this week's post. If you're into board and card games on your phone or tablet you won't want to miss these.

Burgle Bros (iOS Universal and Android) - Full Review Incoming!

Tim Fowers is a busy man. We just saw an update for the digital version of Paperback, a novel-writing game, to add asynchronous multiplayer and then late last week we saw the release of Burgle Bros to the App Store and Google Play Store. Burgle Brothers is also a tabletop to mobile transfer and features stealth-based gameplay not unlike Card Thief. This one plays more like a heist movie, however. You pick your crew of thieves Ocean's 11 style and each character sports some unique and useful abilities on their resume. From there, you make your way through a highly secure building to find and crack a safe and make off with the goods. Escape can be found on the roof, so the game works three dimensionally and you'll have to navigate your way upward. If you dig stealth-based card and board game experiences this one is certainly for you.

Bottom of the 9th (iPhone and Android) - Full Review Incoming!

Another tabletop conversion has hit the mobile market: Bottom of the 9th, a game about the duel between pitcher and batter in the all-important half inning of a close baseball game. Brought to digital life by Handelabra, makers of the content-packed Sentinels of the Multiverse, the game is now available on both iOS and Android. I never played the tabletop version, but am very much enjoying the mobile version, especially on my plus-sized iPhone for which it feels perfect. Bottom of the 9th is focused on underdog home team looking to score a run and avoid extra innings where fatigue will most certainly get the better of them against their far superior opponent. You can play as either the batter, the home team heroes, or the pitcher who's here to spoil the day. You get to pick your lineup, and pitcher, based on players with an array of different abilities.

When the game is on the pitcher chooses where to place a pitch on two continuums high/low and inside/away and the batter guesses where it will be. Each side gets to use their player's special abilities based on whether the pitcher fools the batter and puts the pitch where they didn't expect it, the batter is onto the pitcher and swings right into the pitch, or a mixed result. With that resolved, the pitcher rolls dice to determine their pitch and the batter rolls to see how well they swing. The special abilities come into play here as each side can monkey with the results or reroll their dice.

Bottom of the 9th is fun and plays out quickly, much faster than normal baseball. You can play single player against the AI (with three levels of difficulty) or take on an online opponent in a casual or ranked match. As an added plus, you can send a invite/challenge to a friend to play a game.

Seen anything else you liked the look of? (Seriously, is it us or has it been a bit of a slow week this week?) Played either of the above? Let us know in the comments, and have a great weekend!



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