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By Nick Vigdahl 26 May 2017 4

Hey there, it's another Friday, gateway to the weekend. If you live in the States or the UK, you might even get a long one. You're gonna need some new games to play and, luckily, we've got some great new options. Whether you like card games, action games, turn-based tactics, or sims you'll find something for you.

Jaipur (iOS and Android)

Asmodee Digital continues their campaign to release all the games on mobile. This week they've brought us the card game Jaipur. In it, you play as one of the top two traders in the city of Jaipur. You compete against your rival to buy sets of six different goods and then sell them for the tastiest of all European fare…victory points. The digital version has a really fun solitaire mode where each game is a little different, as well as pass-and-play or online multiplayer. The online multiplayer is real time and is done Asmodee style, which means you can't invite players unless you both have an account and are online and in the game's lobby at the same time. Jaipur is a quick and simple game that will appeal to casual gamers but will also pack enough challenge to ensnare more tactically driven players. It's rare to find a two-player game with that balance. I wish online multiplayer was better but the single-player mode is worth the price of admission, so I'll keep my usual grumbling to a minimum.

Subdivision Infinity (iOS)

How about a space shooter? Subdivision Infinity is a space exploration and combat game complete with a 40-mission campaign and a bunch of different side quests. You can mine for rare materials, build or buy new spacecraft, and use them to blast apart your foes in the depths of space. Combat is real time and favors decent if not good reflexes. The graphics are quite good and Subdivision Infinity is well suited to scratch an itch.

Mordheim: Warband Skirmish (iOS and Android)

Mordheim: Warband Skirmish is a multi-player, turn-based tactics game based on Game's Workshop's classic table-top adventure Mordheim. The city has seen better days having been destroyed by a comet. You run a mercenary outfit scavenging the ruins and seeking pieces of the comet known as Wyrdstone. You've got company, however, and you'll have to beat back rival bands to stake your claim. There are three factions with which to play, each with different play styles and advantages. More factions will follow including dark cultists and undead agents of a vampire lord.

Lost Portal: Aerahym expansion (iOS)

Lost Portal is one of the best games of 2016 and one of my all-time favorite mobile games. The Aerahym expansion is out now and brings 33 more cards and a new town will a bunch of new quests, dungeons, enemies and bosses. It raises the level cap by two levels and also opens up four more character slots. It's a great addition to an already awesome game. The expansion is available via a $2 IAP. If you haven't played Lost Portal and want to learn more check out my five-star review and interview with the game's developer.

Prison Architect (iOS and Android)

Take charge of a prison this weekend with Prison Architect, newly released for your tablet. You step into the shoes of a private contractor in charge of a maximum-security prison. This includes the prison’s design, construction, staffing, and seeing to the many and varied needs (and complaints) of its inmates. You have to balance a tight budget against the desires of the inmates which is one of the moral components of the game. Do you maximize profits and do just enough to avoid an inmate riot, or do you spend a little more to provide quality-of-life improvements and attempt to rehabilitate, rather than just incarcerate, your charges? Prison Architect has a campaign mode, called Prison Stories, which serve to highlight issues around crime and incarceration. It feels a little out of place, like a second game tacked on to a sim. The Architect Mode is the bread and butter of the game and this, at least, is done right. Prison Architect also features one of my favorite things: a free-trial mode. You can give both modes a try before deciding whether you want to unlock additional prison stories ($3 each) or the full-version of the architect mode ($5). You can unlock it all for $15. Our Full Review will be breaking out on Tuesday!

That's it for this week's round-up. Seen anything else released this week you liked the look of? Played any of the above? Let us know in the comments!



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