Out Now: Mash Up Edition

By Nick Vigdahl 02 Feb 2018 0

After a great one-two punch last week things are a bit slower this time around in terms of premium mobile games. We do have a great sim that's made its way to Android along with a solid new roguelike option.

Finally, we’ve rolled interesting game updates into the Out Now column and have some nice changes to a couple great games to share.


Game Dev Tycoon (iOS Universal and Android) (Review)

The simulation game about starting and growing an indie game company into a major player in the market, Game Dev Tycoon, is now out on Android. The game is by Greenheart games, themselves an indie developer (meta!), and is really good. It does a great job of creating meaningful choices and really making it feel like you're creating games, without overloading the game with complexity. It's compelling enough to have kept me up later than I had planned on more than one night. My firm hit it big making simulation games. So much meta! If you like the genre and have an Android device—or an iOS device but haven't bought in yet—give Game Dev Tycoon a look for sure.

Infinite West (iOS Universal)

Old-west themed roguelike Infinite West is a new take on an old idea. You play as a vigilante gunslinger looking for vengeance for the brutal murder of his family by a gang of outlaws. Pursuing the gang like Wyatt Earp in Tombstone, you move through successively more difficult levels using limited move and attack options to gun down as many of the gang as you can. It's a lot like Hoplite and ENYO, but in the old west. The game is free to try up to 7 levels and then will set you back $2.99.

Game Updates

A Planet of Mine (iOS Universal and Android) (Review)

The Forge update for pocket-sized 4x game A Planet of Mine just introduced a "Custom Game" mode where you can customize your solar system, including number of planets, starting position, number of opponents, starting research level, and a variety of resource levels including infinite. This is a huge boon for anybody who's hit a brick wall in terms of resource production or just wants to tweak how a game plays out. Check out some images in this tweet:

Lost Portal (iOS Universal) (Review)

Another great game with a quality-of-life update is premium CCG/RPG Lost Portal. The most recent update has added a new difficulty level when creating or editing a campaign that allows you to pick your calibre of enemy and how much gold you'd lose when defeated in a duel. It's a nice option for those who hate the monetary setback of losing to those tough opponents.

Seen anything we’ve missed? Played any of the above? Let us know in the comments!



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