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By Nick Vigdahl 26 Jan 2018 4

Happy Friday dear gamers. It's a bit of a slow week for Pocket Tactics approved fare, but we do have two great new games to occupy your time and another option for fans of game mash ups.


The Room: Old Sins (iOS Universal)

The fourth installment of The Room—the popular adventure/puzzle game series by Fireproof Games—is out now and ready to challenge you with a series of intriguing puzzle boxes shrouded in a mysterious story. It's been nearly six years since the first game was released and just over two years since The Room 3. Our mobile devices has improved and as you might expect, and Old Sins capitalizes on this. It looks great and the puzzle boxes I've tackled thus far are both fun and challenging.

Old Sins is tied together by a plot fueled by notes you find as you go and leads you from puzzle to puzzle within the manor. You can immerse in the story side and try to figure out what's going on if you're into the adventure of the game, or more or less ignore it and speed through the puzzles as desired. Navigating the game world is very easy and the UI is well designed throughout. It's not necessary to have played the first three games to follow and enjoy Old Sins. There is an overarching plot across the games but it isn't critical to game play, so you can feel free to jump into the series with this latest installment. If you enjoy puzzles, adventure games, or The Room series pick this one up and enjoy!

Evilibrium Legends (iOS Universal)

Evilibrium Legends is part RPG, part CCG, part RTS that mashes together different game play styles. It has an overland map where you travel about to different cities, castles, and dungeons and then enter into a dungeon crawler similar to the Dungelot games. You send an adventuring party into this world based on the cards you have. Each card has different strengths and abilities to make use of when it comes to a fight, as it always will. Combat and the overall aesthetic are clearly aimed at Darkest Dungeon fans though it is real time and based heavily on power cooldown timers, so there's a lot of frenzied clicking involved. The UI is more than a little clunky and the game was translated poorly, it's riddled with spelling and grammatical mistakes. For those interested in game mashups Evilibrium Legends may be worth a look, but I wouldn't recommend it otherwise.


Meteorfall (iOS Universal and Android- Review Incoming!

If you love card-based combat games this week's headliner game is definitely for you. Meteorfall, by Slothwerks, is a premium deck-building roguelike and it's a heck of a lot of fun. Fans of Dream Quest and games of the genre it helped launch will recognise the game play elements—a journey through the game world where you come across strange and varied foes and battle them using cards with things building up to a big boss battle to beat a level. You pick a traditional fantasy class—fighter, rogue, wizard, and healer. Each has a different deck of cards which breeds a different play style and adds a great deal of variety to the game. As you progress you can tweak your deck by adding, removing, and upgrading cards and meet your share of random encounters while travelling.

Meteorfall doesn't just tread familiar ground, however, there's a lot that makes it stand out as different. The game plays in the portrait orientation and makes use of a Reigns-like flick-to-choose mechanic both to make choices while traveling through the game world and deciding what to do in combat. Combat focuses on the aggressive versus the conservative in a very compelling way. Many cards cost stamina to play and stamina is not restored at the end of every turn, you must sacrifice an action and skip using a card to replenish it in the heart of battle. The timing of when to do so is a very tactical decision. Similarly, spells come with a limited number of charges and when they are out of charges they become dead cards. Recharging spells requires playing a "Meditate" card, which uses and action, and also requires a careful balancing of how many such cards you want to play in your deck.

The year is young, but Meteorfall is—and I am confident it will remain—a contender for 2018's game-of-the-year. It looks great, plays great, and is perfect for both short play sessions and lengthily stays on the couch. Go buy this now.

Seen anything we've missed? Played any of the above? Let us know in the comments!



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