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By Nick Vigdahl 30 Jun 2017 5

Happy Friday dear gamers. It's a bit of a slow week heading into the US Independence Day holiday, but there are a couple easy pick-ups: Missile Cards has made its way from Steam to mobile and is very good and Solitairica's Primal Champions expansion has launched. Check out more on those and assorted other options below! 

Missile Cards (iOS)

This week’s must-play game is Missile Cards. A solitaire-style game that combines a Missile Command aesthetic with gameplay more akin to Card Crawl, Missile Cards has you defending a planetary base from all manner of hazards falling from the sky. Each turn a card plays out from the deck to a conveyer belt gameboard. Each turn that conveyer belt advances one spot. Some cards are hazards like comets of varying sizes and nukes. When those cards slide off the conveyer belt they begin a turn-by-turn descent to your base below and if they hit they will take out part of your base. Sustain enough damage and it is game over.

Other cards are your defenses, missiles and guns and other unlockable weapons, shields, and more. You can equip these cards in one of four slots. Weapons take time to charge up, however, so you have to plan ahead such that you have sufficient weapons to take out threats before they land home. Alternatively, you can take a hit or two in non-critical areas for the sake of longer term success.

Missile Cards is ultimately a high-score chaser. You gain points for destroying threats, the closer to ground they get the more points you earn. There are several different levels, each with a bunch of goals and objectives and increasingly deadlier threats. You unlock new weapons and base abilities over time to help face the ramped up dangers.

I played the heck out of Missile Cards on the PC and really enjoyed it, but this game is meant for mobile. It’s got that killer combination of being easy to play, super fun, and challenging enough to make you think and plan but not to the point you need to schedule time on your calendar to play. It can also be tense with plenty of happy feels coming out of a dangerous situation well averted. I highly recommend you pick this one up.

All That Remains (iOS)

All That Remains is a puzzle adventure game where you play as Cam a young man locked inside a survival bunker by his well-prepared father as the world goes haywire above. Your sister, Clara, is stuck at home with the sounds of society’s meltdown all around her. You have to figure out how to get out of the bunker and to her. The game is full of these types of room escape puzzles and is very well done. It’s on sale for just a buck and worth checking out for fans of the genre.

The Mummy Dark Universe Stories (iOS and Android)

Interactive fiction based in the world of Universal’s The Mummy created by the makers of Oxenfree… this has the potential to be good. It is good, for the most part. The story is compelling in parts and overburdened with exposition in others. The art is good, though, and certainly worthy of a graphic novel. The stories are free provided you are willing to wait between chunks. The game uses a weird ticket system. You get one ticket every few hours and each ticket buys you a chapter which you can read through in about ten minutes. You can buy additional tickets for $1 or bundles of them at slight discounts. I wish they would’ve just made it a premium game but this isn’t bad if you’re just looking for bite-sized chunks of fiction.

Kalimba (iOS)

The island of Kalimba is protected by a good shaman with the help of her totem pole until an evil shaman comes and destroys both the good shaman and her totem pole. Living on as a spirit, the good shaman can still help her island by controlling pieces of the totem pole. Her plan is to build a new and more powerful totem pole to save the island's inhabitants from the evil one. In Kalimba, you manage this quest by controlling two colored pieces of the totem pole at the same time. When you move, both pieces move, when you jump, both jump. There are certain obstacles through which only the piece with the same color can pass. This makes for some interesting jumping, swapping, and other virtual gymnastics to keep the quest alive. There's a cooperative mode for iPad that puts two players in control of four totem heads, two each, on the same device. If you're looking for a challenging puzzle platformer with new and interesting mechanics, give Kalimba a shot.

Solitairica: Primal Champions (iOS and Android)

It's not a new game, but it is an awesome one, Solitairica's Primal Champions expansion is out now and ready for action. Primal Champions introduces four new single-color decks:

  • Barbarian (Attack): Bonus card destruction when heart is low, but be careful...overflowing attack energy damages you. An aggressive deck that encourages risky play.
  • Vanguard (Defense): Powerful armor spells, and the ability to spend your armor as a resource and destroy cards. High defense with an explosive counter strike.
  • Acrobat (Agility): The combination of an exclusive wild card spell, and a trait that always reveals the second card in a column, makes this the ultimate sequencing deck.
  • Sorcerer (Willpower): Exclusive destruction and healing spells that add disruptive cards to the enemies deck. Very strategic, with lots of fun decision making.

It costs $1, a pittance to pay for even more replay value in an already great game!

That's all for this week's round-up. Seen anything else you like the look of this week? Played any of the above? Let us know in the comments!



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