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By Nick Vigdahl 09 Feb 2018 3

Looking for some games to play this weekend? We've got you covered with new games, new expansions, new updates, and a new way to play digital board games.


Quest to be King (iOS Universal)

A mysterious army of super tall, super deadly warriors known as the Darkness! Undead hordes coming to dine on the living! The constant threat of extinction! These are the day-to-day threats you, the ruler of Stone Haven, must contend with. Quest to be King is a match-3 game wrapped in an RPG. You build up your land, collect taxes, prepare your soldiers, and fight the undead, the darkness, and dragons. Yeah, I failed to mention the dragons up front. There's also dragons. Quest to be King is a fun little game that fans of the match-3 genre may enjoy.

Tabletopia (iPad)

Online digital board game platform Tabletopia has made the leap from Steam to iPad. The idea is to give gamers a place to play multiple board games, rather than manage multiple apps. It's still in beta mode and offers solo or pass-and-play on iPad (coming to Android soon) with online multiplayer mode coming in a later update. Right now, Tabletopia features six games: Hansa Teutonica, Sub Terra, Mint Works, Champions of Midgard, The Shipwreck Arcana, and Burgle Bros. It is free to download and to play the games. It's an interesting idea, especially if Tabletopia offers quality online multiplayer for these games, but I'm not sure many mobile gamers are concerned about too many apps on their devices.

Warhammer Quest 2: The Lord of Khorne (iOS Universal) (Review)

Perhang's Warhammer Quest 2 launched in October of 2017, delivering a highly anticipated follow up to the classic tactical RPG. Now, the first expansion has launched. The Lord of Khorne features an additional campaign set in the lands to the east of Altdorf, lands under siege by the Chaos forces of Khorne. It is packed with new enemies and bosses for your crew to take down, as well as some new weapons and skills with which to do it. The campaign is $4.99 and has been billed as extra difficult and the toughest challenge yet. There are also three new heroes—The fearsome Ogre, the devout Warrior Priest and the nimble Wardancer—available for $2.99 each. If you enjoyed Warhammer Quest 2 and are looking for more content to explore, this certainly gets the job done.

Game Updates

Tokaido (iOS Universal, Android) (Review)

Tabletop to digital convert Tokaido's latest version tidies up online, cross-platform play that involves AI. It also adds an option in the solo game to play with a random traveller as well as to play with the tabletop rule where you choose between two travellers at the beginning of the game.

Pocket Build (iOS Universal, Android)

Sandbox world-building game Pocket Build continues to get lots of developer love. There's yet another update with even more changes. This time undo/redo buttons were added for objects and there are some changes to how your world's population works:

  • People and goblins will now fight if they run into each other.
  • People will now stay on pathways if placed directly on the pathway (if they feel like it).
  • People will sometimes stop for a cigarette.
  • People will sometimes stop and think.
  • You can now give people and goblins a custom name.

Battle for Polytopia (iOS Universal, Android) (Review)

This one hasn’t happened yet, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t let you know that Battle for Polytopia, the rather excellent turn-based strategy game, will be getting a multiplayer mode on February 15th.

You should read our review to find out more, and make a note in your diaries for work/school etc… We have a feeling you’ll be strangely busy that day…

That's all for this week's round up - played any of the above? Seen anything we've missed? Let us know in the comments!



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