Out Now: Spaced Outer Edition

By Tof Eklund 08 Jul 2016 4

We already covered the biggest strategy release of the week, Battlefleet Gothic: Leviathan, and we're all eager to see if the dreadnaughts in Leviathan capture the ponderous majesty that Alex ascribed to their cousins in PC game Battlefleet Gothic: Armada. As I'd hoped, but you can play as Hive Fleet Leviathan itself, a prospect that leaves my mandibles dripping with flesh-melting venom.


Battlefleet Gothic: Leviathan is available on iOS.


Out There: Chronicles is to Out There as Hearts of Iron: War Stories is to Hearts of Iron 4. Mi-Clos Studio’s latest release is a gamebook, though it is one of the most lavishly and lovingly illustrated gamebooks I’ve ever seen. There’s none of the survival-simulation of Out There in this title, though one is given a lot of latitude to explore the world and history of this unique setting. My first impression is that the setting may eclipse the story, however, as the protagonist of Out There: Chronicles is an old chestnut: the war left his body covered in scars and his head full of dangerous secrets.


Out There Chronicles is available on iOS and Android.


Deadman Diaries is also a gamebook, though it takes the form of the diary of John Riggs, a simple man whose gambling debts are in danger of being converted to broken kneecaps. It bills itself as “an introduction to gamebooks,” boasts a gallery of ways it’s ill-fated protagonist can go belly-up, and seems to imply that, no matter what you try, John Dies at the End.


Deadman Diaries is available on iOS and Android.


In the world of free-to-play gaming, a few titles caught our jaundiced eye.


“Put them in the Iron Maiden.” If you want to know whether Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast is excellent or bogus, Kelsey’s review weighs potent nostalgia against simple mechanics and heavy IAP. Still, there is a certain ineffable appeal to a rage-mummy brandishing a khopesh in one hand while waving the Union Jack with the other. There's a Brexit metaphor in there somewhere.


Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast is available on iOS and Android.


Auto Warriors sure looks like Fury Road, but it’s name may be an homage to classic tabletop game Car Wars, where autodueling meant figuring out how many rocket launchers you could bolt to a pony car, and then seeing whether it flipped, slid out, or exploded when you fired them all at the same time. Auto Warriors promises “turn-based action strategy,” but the fact that every machine gun and flamethrower in the game has a rarity and a level smells like pay-to-win. We’ll see if Auto Warriors was born to run or careens over deadman’s curve.


Auto Warriors is available on iOS.


This one is more of a PSA than anything else: Pokemon GO is out, so your friends, coworkers, and children may already be running out into traffic as they chase virtual Pikachus in the “real” world. That’s right, Pokemon Go is neither a lightly themed version of the ancient Chinese strategy game, nor is it a slick puzzle game about assassinating magical creatures, it’s an augmented reality game that blends geocaching with inconvenient notifications and a trip to the ER.


Pokemon GO is available on iOS and Android.

Last but not least, we have a sop to Android users.

You can finally get Dot Emu’s port of Titan Quest on your Nexus, Galaxy, Shield, or whathaveyou, a month and a half after the iOS release. This “inter-Diablo” ARPG was notable for incorporating elements of world mythology (with wildly variable degrees of authenticity) and for its “pick two” class system. I sunk an entirely unreasonable number of hours into this game back in the aughts and am eager to see if the port lives up to my memories. Come back with your shield or on it, Titan Quest.

Titan Quest is now available on Android (and iOS).



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