Out Now: Outsorceried Edition

By Tof Eklund 23 Sep 2016 13

This week’s headline is the final chapter of Sorcery!, but that’s not the only thing going. It’s been another strong week for adventure gaming, and geeky card game-fans are in luck, but there’s nary a hexmap or research tree in sight. C’est la guerre.

Sorcery! 4

The final chapter of the Steve Jackson (no, not that Steve Jackson, this Steve Jackson!) gamebook series, Inkle’s flagship title, is out. Dave thought it was pretty good, and a definite must for everyone who’s played parts 1-3.

Sorcery! 4 is available on iOS and Android.


You can’t go wrong with Wadjet Eye when it comes to classic point and click just tap something already adventure games. Their latest is a story about a posthuman world whose robotic infastructure is failing, kind of like a noir Machinarium, perhaps.

Primordia is available on iOS, and probably coming to Android.

Batman - The Telltale Series

The latest from telltale games is about some guy called “the bat man.” He’s a trust fund kid who runs around the city in a cape at night, and I guess he’s billing himself as a detective? So, nothing as iconic as Game of Thrones, but hey, they can’t all be.

You can say “I’m Batman” on iOS, but most Telltale Games make the leap.

Bayou Island

Bayou Island is a sharp-looking adventure game about a sea captain on an island off of the Louisina coast, and it’s completely free (no IAPs), so I guess it’s a labor of love or something?

Bayou Island is available on iOS and Android.


Frost is a single-player deckbuilding game about survival in a world gone bitterly cold and wracked by a great storm simply called “the Frost.” This one just popped onto my radar, so that’s all I know about it.

Frost is an Android (and PC) only game as far as I can tell - that name is completely ungooglable.

Dragon Sinker

Ready for your dose of FTP for the week? Kemco’s got a spoonful of pixelated retro-RPG Dragon Sinker for you. Open your mouth and say “aah,” this one’s got everything but the dragon sink in it.

Dragon Sinker is only available on Android - for now.

Eclipse: New Dawn for the Galaxy

Last week, I missed the Android release of Eclipse: New Dawn for the Galaxy - d’oh! There is a spot of additional news this week, however, as the iOS version’s just been updated match the improvements made in the Android release.

It’s a brand new day for the galaxy on iOS and Android.

Don't Starve Pocket Edition

Our runner-up 2015 Action Game of the Year (yes, we occasionally play action games, we’re just not very good at them) is finally available on Android… mostly. You can buy into the Android beta of Don’t Starve as part of Google’s new early access program.

The joy of trying not to get eaten by a bear is now available to Android as well as iOS users.

Sentinels of the Multiverse - Season 2

Tachyon’s been doing superscience at .99 of lightspeed to correct the cosmic imbalance that caused Season 2 of Sentinels of the Multiverse to launch on Android before iOS. Superheroes being one big club asked the Wraith if she knew anything about a “bat man,” but she’s never heard of him.

Feeling heroic? Join America’s most popular superheroes on iOS and Android.



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