Out Now: Peninsular Edition

By Nick Vigdahl 01 Sep 2017 0

Last week I mentioned Out Now seems to be either a feast or famine at the moment as we work through the last days of summer. Last week was feast, with six games worth calling out, this week…not so much. Hopefully you'll find something to you liking.

Talisman - Dragon Expansion (iOS Universal and Android) - Review Incoming!

Talisman Digital Edition has been a mobile stalwart for years and Nomad Games keeps pumping out new content. The Dragon Expansion just released to both the Apple and Google Play version of the game and includes a bunch of new content centered on Draconic Lords, the former rulers of the Firelands. They aim to regain control at any cost which is, you know, bad for the current regime.

The Dragon Expansion includes the new Inner Region, three mythical dragons—each with its own powers and motivations—as well as six new heroes to play including a Dragon Hunter, Dragon Rider, Fire Wizard, and Minotaur. There are 300 new cards with which to play as well. Talisman is just a buck on either iOS or Android and the Dragon Expansion will set you back $2.

Sonny (iOS Universal and Android)

The mobile remake of the 2007 Flash-based game is now available on Android. The apocalyptic turn-based strategy RPG is free on Google Play with no timers, energy bars, or in-app purchases. The premise of the game is that the protagonist Sonny, played by you, awakens with no memory in a world filled with zombies. From there you hack-and-slash your way through the world of the dead to find answers. It's a fun game with lots of powers to experiment with and plenty of tactical combat to be had. Check out my four-star review (based on the iPad experience) for more on the game, but definitely pick this one up!

neoDefense (iPhone)

If you're a fan of the tower-defense genre neoDefense might be worth a look. There's nothing particularly unique about its take on the tried and true formula but it is easy to play and pretty entertaining. The game comes with 30 levels as part of the initial purchase and another 15, the Gamma Sector, require an in-app purchase to acquire. There's a free trial if you'd like to give that a go first.

Peninsular War Battles (iOS Universal and Android)

HexWar are slowly but surely porting their iOS back-catalogue to other platform's. This week we see 2015's Peninsular War Battles make its way over to Android (and Steam). Play as the British, French or Spanish across 5 campaigns with a total of 40 missions, in typical HexWar style. There are four purchasable campaigns of 8 missions each, with a 5 mission tutorial and a three mission 'Invasion' campaign offered in the base game (which is free on Android). We're going to try and get some coverage of these games, although you may need to turn to out sister website The Wargamer in the meantime.

That's all for this week's round-up of new releases. Seen anything else you liked? Played any of the above? Let us know in the comments!



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