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By Nick Vigdahl 25 Aug 2017 1

It's feast or famine for strategy fans looking for good new mobile games to check out. Luckily, we've hit a feast week with a number of options to check out. We've got sports swipers, games of war both past and future, a game about summiting Everest, and one of the bigger mobile releases of the year. Check them out!

Ticket to Earth, Episode 2: Crash (iOS Universal)

Episode 2 of Ticket to Earth is out now and ready to play as a free update for those who already own the game. It's called "Crash" and picks right up at the cliffhanger ending of episode 1. For those who haven't given it a shot, Ticket to Earth is a tactical RPG with a very interesting pick-your-path style of combat. Our review came in at five stars even though the game was a little short. The game is now twice as long and certainly worth a look for fans of fun RPGs.

Swipe Manager Soccer (iOS Universal and Android)

Manage a soccer club one swipe at a time in Swipe Manager Soccer, a new sport-based game. You lead your club through up to 16 seasons and are faced with decisions where you need to balance the wants and needs of, you guessed, four different constituent groups. In Swipe Manager Soccer this means the team, the board (owners of the club), the press, and of course, the fans. There are roster decisions, game decisions, and off field distractions as you navigate your way through the seasons and try not to get fired. It isn't a particularly deep simulation, in terms of soccer, nor is it nearly as polished as Reigns, but Swipe Manager Soccer is worth a go if you enjoy the sport and want a quick and easy game to play now and then.

Hold the Line: The American Revolution (iOS Universal and Android)

Hex War recently released another Revolutionary War themed board game: Hold the Line: The American Revolution. Like 1775: Rebellion and 1812: The Invasion of Canada before it, this one is a digital adaptation of the board game with the same name.  Unlike those other titles, however, it is focused on the entire American Revolution. There are four different campaigns and thirteen scenarios  you can play as either the Americans or British. Hold the Line is an action-point based game, and your forces can complete a limited number of activities per turn. The UI feels crowded and is stretched to fit my iPad Pro, which is a bit of a turnoff. The game also doesn't seem to have multiplayer at this point but may be right for fans of turn-based war games.

Armada Commander (iOS Universal)

Armada Commander is a real-time strategy game of space-fleet development and deployment in action-packed battles against a ferocious alien enemy. The ultimate goal is to liberate 32 different sectors of a galaxy. There's a distinct tower-defense feel as the enemy sends numerous waves filled with enemy battleships, destroyers, and fighters. It feels a lot like that one episode of Battlestar Galactica where the Cylons raid every 33 minutes on the dot -- though faster, of course. You really have to plan ahead on how you deploy your forces to defeat not just the current waves, but all those to follow. It is worth checking out for fans of both sci-fi and real-time strategy genres.

Mount Everest Story (iOS Universal)

Ever seen those movies or documentaries of people climbing Mount Everest? They are fascinating, aren't they? Every time I watch one I come away with one feeling about climbing Everest: Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope. It'd be cool, for sure, but it just seems that way too many people die for it to be reasonable and then are stuck up there until the mountain melts.

If you're like me and prefer to experience the summit from afar, Mount Everest Story might work for you. It's an Everest climbing simulation where you battle the freezing temperatures, killer winds, and unbreathable air to see if you can get your team to the top. It's all about earning points and the higher you go the more you get, though there's no selling out for victory, injuries to your team debit your score. It's an interesting simulation and based on "Into Thin Air" by Jon Krakauer, but lacks a lot of depth and replay value. 

Mount Everest Story

Darkest Dungeon (iPad)

Last but by no means least we have what is among the biggest mobile releases of 2017: Darkest Dungeon. You may have heard of the game, it is one of the most talked about titles of 2016 and is considered by many to also be one of the most challenging roguelikes ever made. Created by Red Hook Studios, Darkest Dungeon puts you in a leadership role of the quintessential band of heroes going on an adventure. This adventure is a bit darker than the stereotypical dungeon and the party will face a psychological assault, as well as a physical one. Greed, anger, hopelessness, and paranoia all take their toll and can cripple the entire party.

When you play Darkest Dungeons your characters will die…a lot, and there's no coming back from death in this game. Don't get attached. New adventurer's continually show up to take a turn and refresh your party. Remain detached, they too will perish. Darkest Dungeon has great gothic graphics and really creepy sound effects. Game play is fun and, as expected, very challenging. This game is not for those who don't enjoy roguelikes or even for casual fans of the genre. If you jump in, make sure you want it.



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