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By Nick Vigdahl 06 Oct 2017 0

It's a light week for mobile game releases across the board, which means an even lighter week for strategy titles. We're saved from the big goose egg this week by two things: Netflix and Apple's ARKit inspiring devs to update their games.


Stranger Things: The Game (iOS Universal and Android)

Netflix hit a home run with their paranormal series Stranger Things. The one-two combo of a compelling storyline and lots of fun 80's references is too much to resist for many, and a season two of the show was an instant lock. Well, that season is coming later this month, October 27th to be exact, and Netflix has commissioned a game as part of the show's marketing campaign. Stranger Things: The Game was  developed by BonusXP, Inc. and is a role-playing game with 8-bit music and pixel-art graphics. Presented in two dimensions the game is clearly meant to evoke the 1980s, just like the show itself.

In Stranger Things: The Game you play as Hooper, Nancy, and Lucas and must dodge the cops while exploring various familiar locales all while solving the greater mystery at hand. Each character has special abilities and additional things to unlock as you play. Stranger Things: The Game is legitimately free to play with no IAPs whatsoever and though it is an advertisement for the game it’s a lot more fun than your average tie-in game.

Tsuro - The Game of the Path (iOS Universal) (Review)

While not a new release, digital board game Tsuro has gotten a pretty big update for iOS 11 to take advantage of augmented reality. Your goal in the game is to lay tiles to create an unending path that stretches as many centimetres as possible and the augmented reality piece is pretty cool, if not entirely necessary. It feels more like a "because we can" change, as opposed to a feature that really brings a ton to the game, but AR is the new cool thing and we should expect to see a great deal more of it going forward.

Tsuro AR 01

Only newer devices that support Apple's ARKit will be able to augment Tsuro. We're talking iPhone 6S or newer and both generations of the iPad Pro. It's also a bit of a battery hog, but worth checking out if you like the game.

Addendum: Just discovered (a little late) that HexWar has released Civil War 1864 onto Android! We never reviewed this one, so we'll try and get you some coverage as soon as we can.

That's all for this week's new releases. Seen anything we've missed? Tried out any of the above? Let us know in the comments!



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