Out Now: Weird Names Edition

By Nick Vigdahl 19 Jan 2018 3

It's new release Friday, and we've got a couple new games, a new expansion, and something just plain cool to offer up this week. Check them out and pick up something for yourself, you deserve it.


Holy Potatoes A Weapon Shop?! (iOS Universal and Android)

Many games, tabletop and digital, put you in the boots of daring heroes and adventurers heading off to battle dangerous monsters with powerful weapons. Holy Potatoes A Weapon Shop?! takes a different position: The merchants and craftsmen who supply the daring folk their weapons. It's a simulation game all about building and selling the best weapons to the right customer and gaining fame and fortune into the bargain.

The base game has been out for a few months, but a new DLC, "Spud Tales: Journey to Olympus" is out today. It adds some additional scenarios and a lot more content to the game and follows Herclueless, one of the less awesome sons of Zeus, as he tries to earn his way back to Olympus by forging a weapon worthy of a deity. You can grab the base game for $5 and Spud Tales for $2 on iOS and Android.

Pocket Wars: Protect or Destroy (iOS Universal)

Turn-based strategy game Pocket Wars was designed to replicate the ease-of-play of those old games in magazines (remember magazines?) that you could cut out and play. It's goal is to provide clear objectives and simple and casual-friendly gameplay while still being interesting enough for the harder core fans of the genre. It doesn't quite succeed, at least not in that last bit. Pocket Wars is very simple—move, attack, end your turn—and unfortunately a bit dull. If simple is what you're looking for in your next turn-based title, it may be worth a look.

Axio Octa (iOS Universal and Android)

Reiner Knizia's name tends to get tabletop gamers to sit up and take notice. Axio Octa is a digital board game designed by Knizia and developed by BrettspielWelt, the makers of Friday. It's a tile-placement game where you drop tiles with two different colored symbols on them. The goal is to collect points by grouping symbols of the same color together. You can play online against other people, against seven different levels of AI, or in solo mode. It's easy to play, but has a nice challenge level to it.


Incredibox (iOS Universal and Android)

And now for something completely different… Incredibox is well outside the scope of Pocket Tactics, but it's so cool that we wanted to make you aware of it. It's a musical game where you manage a group of epically talented beatboxers. You've got seven guys and get to mix and match their sound and style to create some sweet music which you can then share. It's fun and sounds great.

The game released on iOS in 2016, but has only made the jump onto Android this past week.

Seen anything else you like? Played any of the above? Let us know in the comments!



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