Over at Wired: Luca Redwood and the story of 10000000

By Owen Faraday 04 Sep 2012 0
Great things have small beginnings.. Great things have small beginnings..

After playing 10000000, this year's most unusual App Store hit, who wouldn't want to meet the guy behind it? So I did.

I interviewed EightyEightGames' Luca Redwood a few weeks back in a pub in South London (nota bene - he drinks Doom Bar) and the result is this short feature for Wired. I had to leave some stuff on the cutting room floor (including some nerdy chat about the vagaries of 1000000's gameplay) that I might whack together for Pocket Tactics a little later.

I love the image of the physical prototype for the game. I'm really pleased with how the article turned out - I hope you'll like it, too. Give it a read over at Wired.



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