Pacific Fire is now available on iOS

By Joe Robinson 10 Dec 2019 1

At the end of October we reviewed an indie mobile war game called Pacific Fire, where you can play through several scenarios that simulate parts (or all) of the Pacific theatre of World War 2. There are grand campaigns for both the Japanese and the American sides, for example, and as the player you must utilize land, air and sea assets in a WEGO turn-based format to capture victory points and scenario objectives.

It originally launched on Android only, but we’ve been keeping in touch with the developers at Wirraway Software regarding the iOS version. We are pleased to report that it's now available to purchase on the App Store as well as a Universal app.

Pacific fire review

You should read our Pacific Fire review in full to get the full details, but here’s an excerpt:

You are given several scenarios to try your hand at, pushing air, land, and sea units between bases in order to complete your objectives for the scenario, generally on a strict turn limit of x amount of months. Notably, the game uses WEGO, a turn method that sees both sides make their moves simultaneously, then showing how the action played out at the beginning of the next turn. This format suits Pacific Fire wonderfully, as the Pacific theatre’s naval engagements were defined by the opposing fleets guessing the other’s position, attempting them to coax them into a decisive battle on their own terms.

We had a quick catch-up with the devs to ask what's on the horizon for them - more support and content for Pacific Fire is coming, as well as a potential sequel that will use the same core mechanics, but focus on a different war. It's good to see some fresh spaces in this space, as mobile war gaming has taken a bit of a down-turn in recent years.

If you do end up picking up Pacific Fire on iOS, let us know what you thought in the comments!



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