PlayDek to bring back the mobile version of card game Fluxx on July 18th

By Joe Robinson 03 Jul 2019 0

Anyone who was around in 2013 may remember back in the halcyon days of PlayDek’s time as a developer of digital board/ card games that we reviewed their digital adaptation of Fluxx. I’m not going to link the review because, honestly, the CMS transitions have not been kind to articles from that era but it was a pretty decent port of a wonderful and chaotic card game.

PlayDek’s Fluxx was originally released in 2012 but was removed from the app store in 2017 during the iOS 11 ‘Appocalypse’. At the time, PlayDek said they had no plans to update the game (and four others) to 64-bit. Thankfully, plans change!

Playdek have today announced that they’re bring Fluxx back to mobile – iOS AND Android – on July 18th! It’ll cost $2.99 and be a universal app, working on both tablets and phones.

If you’ve never encountered it before, Fluxx was created by Looney Labs and is a card game where everything, including the rules of the game itself, can change during a player’s turn. There are ‘New Rules’ cards, Action cards and differing objectives that can be played to the field. It’s chaos, but it’s also wonderful and a great group game. Since its original release in the late 90’s it’s gone through several versions and has even sported several themed and licensed spin-offs – like Firefly Fluxx, or Zombie Fluxx.

Here are the main features of the new digital version:

  • Offline and Online play for 2-4 players
  • Human and AI opponents
  • Pass-and-play Multiplayer
  • Full asynchronous support for multiplayer online games
  • Invite friends to online games
  • Online player stats
  • Localized for English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Dutch
  • Tutorial

If you purchased the app originally on iOS between 2012 and its de-listing in 2017, you're in luck: PlayDek have confirmed with us that you won't have to purchase it again:

Previous customers will not have to purchase the game again. They just need to redownload it as it will show up under the previous Apple ID they purchased the game under.

Like the previous app, this new partnership with Looney does not currently extend to any of the spin-offs or licensed versions of Fluxx – only the base/original game.

What do you remember of the original Fluxx game? Are you excited for this new version? Let us know in the comments!



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