Playdek are bring GMT's Fort Sumter to iOS & Android

By Joe Robinson 26 Mar 2019 0

Pocket Tactics favourites Playdek seem to be recovering from whatever it was that was affecting them a year or so ago, when all was quiet and we were genuinely concerned for their future. Case in point: they've just announced another project as part of their long-standing strategic partnership with physical war game publisher GMT Games. 

We already knew they were working on a port of Labyrinth: War on Terror 2001 - ?, but today they've announced they're also working on a digital port of Fort Sumter for PC & mobile devices. Fort Sumter is a fast-paced card driven game based around the historical events that led to the start of the American Civil War. It's not a war game - there are no troops to command and the game doesn't even technically cover the ACW itself.

Instead, it attempts to model the political struggle in the days and weeks leading up to the initial siege of the fort by the Confederate force (which kicked off the Civil War). It's a card driven strategy game with very limited actions, and a lot of tough choices to make. You can read what our very own Matt Thrower thought of the physical game in his article over at

Your goal is to have more cubes than your opponent in all three spaces of the same aspect, earning you a point. But there are catches to keep the game interesting. Most notably, it penalises players for adding too many cubes too fast. Historically this models the way that taking up extreme positions both attracts and repels aspects of public opinion. But it's also a clever route to game balance, like Twilight Struggle's "Defcon" track.

Shuffling cubes among board spaces doesn't sound like a historical game. And the first time you play, it's unlikely to feel like one. You'll read the cards, match some symbols on the board, and ride out the half-hour play time like a fanciful abstract. But you'll have a good time, because like any good abstract, Fort Sumter is full of fun decisions.

We don't really know anything more at this point - Playdek have confirmed it's coming to PC, iOS & Android, but no word on timings yet. We'll keep you updated as we find out more.







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