Playdek reveals Tank on Tank and Summoner Wars for Android

By Owen Faraday 14 Aug 2012 0
"Well, I'm my favorite General." "Well, I'm my favorite General."

The initial rush of excitement about Dominion's impending release has died down, and you're probably ready for a nap. Nope: more cool news. Go put on the сafetière.

Readers who saw our list of most-anticipated games for the second half of 2012 know that Playdek's hush-hush collabo with wargame publishing house Lock n' Load was an important spot on our dancecard - but we didn't know who we were holding it for. Ahead of Gen Con in Indianapolis this week, Playdek have finally made the introduction: it's a light hex wargame called Tank on Tank.

Lock n' Load has a knack for creating compelling alternate history wargames, and it's a bit of a shame that this isn't one of those. So maybe Tank on Tank isn't a squad tactical featuring Bavarian nuns fighting Nazi werewolves - but you can see why they chose it as a debut for the Playdek-LnL coalition. Lock n' Load's description of the dead tree version highlights that the game is easy to learn and quick to play - a schema that will undoubtedly find a wide audience on mobile. Playdek is promising "stunning graphics" for Tank on Tank - something they definitely delivered with Summoner Wars.

And speaking of Summoner Wars - Playdek have announced officially that they're bringing it Android - no details more granular than that just yet, but this is Playdek's first Android title, so they'll no doubt be using it as a trial balloon to see if the platform warrants future endeavour. It will be playable at Gen Con, so release must not be too far out.

Besides those two big guns, Playdek have also revealed two more abstract board games making their way to iOS: Can't Stop and Smash Up.



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