Playdek's cleaning up: Tanto Cuore due out 2013

By Owen Faraday 01 Oct 2012 0
"Listen, can we get some normal-sized tea cups in?" "Listen, can we get some normal-sized tea cups in?"

By their own admission, Playdek's to-do list is filled to the margins at the moment. With Tank on Tank, Agricola, and expansions for Summoner Wars all in the hopper, there aren't too many cycles to spare in San Diego - though that hasn't stopped them from planning out what's next. But man, what's next is kinda weird.

Planned for Q2 2013, Playdek's new bag is a mobile (iOS & Android, presumably) version of Tanto Cuore, a joint venture with Japanese publishing house Arclight Games. Playdek describes the game as a "anime-style, deck building game for two to four players". BGG's description of the dead tree version says it's mechanically similar to Dominion, which is just as well seeing as we're not likely to get a native app version of Dominion anytime soon.

But when Playdek say "anime-style", they're not talking about giant robots or whimsical monsters living down the block - nope. They mean cartoon maids in suggestive poses. Tanto Cuore players "add maids to their house and the player with the best collection of maids earns the most victory points and wins." I see.

As typical for Playdek, Tanto Cuore is an existing property, but thematically it's a bit of a departure from the nerd mainstream of swords, sorcery, and sci-fi. There's no denying that there's a market for anime games, and saying that Playdek's track record is sterling is like saying that the surface of the sun is uncomfortably warm, so surely this should be good. I'm pinning this one to the watch list - albeit in a place that Lady Faraday won't spot it.





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