Playdek's upcoming releases: Reply hazy, ask again later

By Owen Faraday 13 Sep 2012 0
Did I ever tell you my Scipio Africanus cosplay story? (Image by Gary James) Did I ever tell you my Scipio Africanus cosplay story? (Image by Gary James)

I had a very interesting conversation with Playdek honchos George Rothrock and Gary Weis earlier this week - I'm still crafting the interview but a few readers asked for specifically for updates on their latest projects, and I didn't want to leave you hanging all weekend.

The digital version of Uwe Rosenberg's award-winning Agricola has been in the works at Playdek's San Diego lair for some time. Gary and George assured me that it was "under way" and that the developers are "fully engaged" with Agricola, but I got the impression that its release isn't imminent.

Playdek is working with GMT to bring wargame Command & Colors to iOS. I'm really excited about this myself but the best I could get is that this one's coming "next year" sometime.

I didn't get a release window for Tank on Tank (which we first talked about back in August), though the Playdek website says "Winter". Gary and George did tell me that Lock n' Load's wargame will feature the East Front expansion and custom expansions exclusive to the Playdek mobile edition.

So if you had your wall calendar and Sharpie at the ready to mark release dates - I have failed you. But I can't blame the Playdek guys for not wanting to over-promise. And if any company in this space has earned some latitude it's the makers of Ascension and Summoner Wars. Check back here Monday for the whole interview.



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