Pocket Sales: August 04th, 2017

By Nick Vigdahl 04 Aug 2017 2

Greetings to the first weekly Pocket Tactics sales roundup! Yes, we're pulling sales from their awkward spot on Monday, after many sales tend to expire, and giving them their own spot on Fridays. Who doesn't like a good deal now and then, after all? Right. Let's get to it.

8BitWar: Apokalyps (iOS Universal): $0

Let's kick it off with a freebie. Though I haven't played 8BitWar: Apokalyps, I assume it is much like 8bitWar: Netherworld which I have played and enjoyed. These are super simple tactical combat games. Each level finds you staring across the battlefield at enemy ranks, and you get a budget from which to deploy your own units to face them. Units have different combat abilities and are largely what you'd expect—melee fighters, archers, wizardly types—though they do get more exotic as the game advances. You place your forces, hit the ready button, and your work is done. It's a very lightweight game and won't challenge you a ton, but it is quick, fun, and best yet… free.

Castleparts (iOS Universal): $.99

Castleparts, a Rampart clone, came out in June and is now on sale for a buck. There's an IAP to unlock all hero options, though a recent update made it possible to gain them through regular play, along with some bug fixes and other improvements. The game is on Android, though not on sale at this time.

Age of Rivals (iOS Universal and Android): $1.99

Fantastic card-drafting, civilization-building game Age of Rivals launched at $.99 before going up to its regular price of $3.99. The game is absolutely worth it at that price, but is on sale through August 7th at half off. That's a mere $2 for one of the best games of 2017. Think of the value! 

Ticket to Earth (iOS Universal): $1.99

Ticket to Earth is a tactical RPG with a cool, puzzle-like combat mechanic. It's a well-made and entertaining game but one of the knocks on it was its length compared to the $6.99 price tag. Right now the game just contains episode one, but more are on the way and they will be free to those who have bought in. If you're at all interested in the game, now's the time, the price has dropped to just $2 in advance of the release of episode 2.

Banner Saga 2 (iOS Universal): $4.99

Banner Saga 2 is a great RPG for the iPad (and iPhone?). The story is meaningful, characters are interesting, combat is challenging, and the decisions you make matter. It's definitely worth picking up. The game started out at $4.99 and went up to $9.99 a couple months back, now it is back down to $4.99. Make of that what you will!

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of Lions (iPhone, iPad, and Android): $5.99 and $7.99

The iPhone, iPad, and Android versions of tactical RPG Final Fantasy Tactics are on sale. Oh, and the developer, Square Enix, also just announced they are updating the games to support iOS 11's 64-bit architecture mandate. These games do go on sale quite a bit, however, so factor that in to your decision.

That's all for our sales round-up. Seen anything we've missed? Post about it in the comments below! We'll be tweaking this format as we go along, so feel free to provide suggestions. Pocket Tactics coverage has been linked to where possible.



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