Pocket Sales: August 11th, 2017

By Nick Vigdahl 11 Aug 2017 1

Fridays around these parts mean two things: new games and new sales. As for the latter, we've got a nice bevvy of options for you today. Let's get to it!


8BitWar Necropolis (iOS Universal): $0

Last week 8BitWar: Apokalyps was on sale, this week it's fellow franchisee 8BitWar: Necropolis' turn. It features the same simple gameplay where you place your units and let your army go at your enemies across the way. Again, it's a lightweight offering, but can't beat the price.

8BitWar Necropolis

Epic Little War Game (iOS Universal and Android): $.99 and $1.49

Rubicon's latest turn-based war game, Epic Little War Game, is on sale for its lowest ever price, just $1. You can play through the single-player campaign or take on up to six friends and AI opponents. The developer has a great pedigree with this type of game, and Epic Little War Game is the fourth offering of the franchise. You can check out our four-star review for more details.

Braveland (iOS Universal): $.99

Turn-based strategy game Braveland puts you in command of an army on a mission to get revenge against bandits who raided your home. It's a bit dated but has some nice gameplay, though not much in the way of replayability. Normally $3, you can pick up Braveland for just a buck. Check out our review for more info on the game.


Dungeon Warfare (iOS Universal and Android): $2.99

One of the best tower-defense games on mobile, Dungeon Warfare is on sale for a buck off. If you're a fan of the genre and haven't yet played this one, you're doing yourself a disservice. Pick it up and give it a go before Dungeon Warfare 2 hits the stores.

Templar Battleforce (iOS Universal) (Android not on sale): $4.99

The very XCOM-like Templar Battleforce goes on sale periodically, and if you don't own it yet, now's your time! It's currently half off, and if you're a fan of turn-based tactical games in space, it's really hard to pass this one. It was 2015's strategy-game-of-the-year on Pocket Tactics, and Tof gave it four stars. I'd give it the fifth star myself and suggest you check it out. Sadly, the sale is only going for iOS users.

Templar Battleforce2

That's all for our sales round-up. Seen anything we've missed? Post about it in the comments below! We'll be tweaking this format as we go along, so feel free to provide suggestions.



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