Pocket Sales: August 18th 2017

By Nick Vigdahl 18 Aug 2017 0

This is a week for some sweet sales, dear readers, headlined by two of the best games of 2016 available on the cheap. An excellent board game is also free and one of the most storied mobile franchises is heavily discounted as well. Read on and enjoy some deals.

Tsuro - The Game of the Path (iOS Universal and Android): $0 or $1

Tsuro - The Game of the Path is a great tabletop to digital conversion. Your goal is to lay tiles to create as long of an unending path as possible across the game board and as measured in actual centimeters. You can play solo against the AI or online with up to 8 players. It's free on iOS and just a dollar on Android, so now's the time to add it to your collection.

Guild of Dungeoneering (iOS Universal) (No Sale on Android): $2.99

Fantastic Dungeons & Dragons like game Guild of Dungeoneering is down to its lowest ever price, just $3 on the App Store. This game has a ton of content, is very well done, and well worth your time if you enjoy deck building games, or strategic card games in general. If you don't have this one yet, get it. Now. Seriously.

Crashlands (iOS Universal and Android): $2.99

Real-time crafting RPG, and one of the best games of 2016, Crashlands is on sale to celebrate 500,000 copies sold across all platforms. The best quick description I can offer is that this is a more forgiving Don't Starve. You can grab it for $2.99, down from the usual $4.99, for either iOS or Android.

Final Fantasy Franchise

Square Enix has kicked off a big sale on most of the Final Fantasy franchise that will run through August 24th. Prices are down to between $4 & $7 rather than the usual $8 (for I and II) to $15 (all the rest) price tag.

That's it for this week's sales round-up - seen anything else discounted? Picked up anything from above? Let us know in the comments! Have a good weekend!



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